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As it stands, AI is not a reliable source of information.But AI bots Chat GPT that is known to cause hallucinations There is one task where it is really good at providing false information. that’s a summary.

This advantage comes from how the Large Language Model (LLM) works. LLM is trained to compress huge amounts of data and guess the best part. There are now many tools that help you summarize everything from YouTube videos to emails. Of course, you can also easily summarize long articles or heavy PDF documents. Tools like Wordtune Read.

Automatically summarize YouTube videos

I love watching lengthy YouTube explainer videos, Glarty extension Convert those videos into short descriptions. Once the extension is installed and activated, it will automatically create a YouTube video summary by copying the entire transcript and running it in ChatGPT, assuming the video has a trustworthy transcript.

The process happens in the background, but requires some setup. You must first log into the OpenAI website, and you may need to authenticate your login periodically. If you think that’s too much trouble, I recommend signing up for an OpenAI “Pay as you go” account to get a set of API keys. Set a $5 monthly cap and add the API to his Glarity settings so he doesn’t have to deal with annoying login prompts.

As mentioned above, Glarity doesn’t work with all videos. ChatGPT itself has his 5,000 word limit, so there’s no way to get a 4-hour YouTube breakdown summary. Great for 5-15 minute explainer videos.For example why is it It’s not a good idea to buy a new car nowsaved 6 minutes of viewing time.

By default, Glarity provides a short summary, but you can customize your response by going to advanced settings. You can edit the prompt to ask them to provide bullet points, general points, or detailed summaries.

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When using the ChatGPT interface (which allows save the conversation ask follow-up questions), try Introduction to YouTube with ChatGPT Extended with Glasp. You have to manually approach the entire YouTube overview.

After opening the video, click the new OpenAI button that appears. This will open ChatGPT in a new tab and paste the command and transcript into the text on the text area[送信]Press to quickly see a detailed overview. In my experience, Glasp produces more detailed summaries than Glarity by default. And of course you can tweak the command before sending it. For example, you can ask her to summarize the transcript to just a few sentences of hers.

Summarize a long email you didn’t intend to read anyway

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If AI can help us get closer to inbox zero, then this whole human-changing effort is worth it. It’s already happening. Google is still a long way from bringing meaningful AI features to Gmail, but short wave I am there now.

Shortwave is a Google Inbox-inspired app that’s even better than Gmail on the web. Added one-click AI summary using ChatGPT. This works in both mobile apps and browsers.In your browser, from the top toolbar[概要]Generate a short summary of your email with the click of a button. This feature is available for free during the beta period.

Shortwave is great for generating accurate summaries of long, boring emails, but it’s best not to use it for important messages, especially work messages. After all, this is a generative language model, and it can miss the really important things.

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