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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Solo.ioa leading cloud-native application networking company, today announced Gloo AI GatewayIt is designed to address the emerging use case of accelerating AI innovation.

AI continues to gain momentum across industries, with annual growth rates of 37.3% Between 2023 and 2030, application development is complex and requires dedicated time and resources to get started. With the Gloo AI Gateway, is building on its long track record of excellence to Glue Gatewayprovides an Envoy-based API gateway and ingress controller to facilitate and secure application traffic at the edge, bringing the same speed, security, and scalability to modern AI applications.

“AI Gateways are the most significant new trend in the API management and API Gateway space,” said Idit Levine, CEO and Founder, “As our customers continue to adopt AI, we're leveraging the Gloo AI Gateway to help them handle this new set of use cases in addition to their existing API management needs. With the Gloo AI Gateway, we're empowering application developers to move their AI initiatives forward while also providing guardrails to ensure long-term success.”

The Gloo AI Gateway optimizes customers' AI journey by enabling:

  • Speed ​​to implementation: Eliminate development friction, boilerplate code, and avoidable errors in applications that use the LLM API.
  • Security and Control: Protect applications, models and data from inappropriate access and ensure the safe use of AI with governance controls, auditability and visibility into consumption.
  • Scalability: Leverages advanced AI integration patterns to provide data augmentation and integration with cloud-native gateway capabilities to support high-volume, zero-downtime AI connectivity.

Key use cases for Gloo AI Gateway include:

  • Multi-LLM Provider Support: It simplifies LLM access for consumers and provides centralized management, visibility, and governance across LLM providers.
  • API Key Management: You securely store your LLM API keys as secrets, and also generate API keys that map to one or more LLM provider secrets.
  • Consumption control and visibility: Use the logging, analysis, and reporting features to efficiently monitor and track LLM consumption to ensure optimal resource utilization and cost efficiency.
  • Prompt Management: Streamline LLM application integration with prompt templates and prompt enrichments, and utilize prompt guard and data exfiltration controls to reject inappropriate requests and sanitize LLM responses to ensure consistent governance and control.
  • Search Extension Generation (RAG): Ensure that LLM responses are based on accurate and relevant information dynamically retrieved from external sources.

“At, we are focused on serving our customers at inflection points where their IT operational needs are constantly changing, and providing them with the solutions they need to succeed,” Levin added. “The Gloo AI Gateway is another example of how we are driving innovation for developers and businesses around the world as AI becomes mainstream in today's application development.”

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