SK Group's Chey Tae-won strengthens AI and bio strategies during US trip

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Chairman Choi Tae-won is reviewing the current state of the bio business at the headquarters of SK Life Sciences, the US subsidiary of SK Biopharm, in New Jersey on the 2nd (local time).
Chairman Choi Tae-won is reviewing the current state of the bio business at the headquarters of SK Life Sciences, the US subsidiary of SK Biopharm, in New Jersey on the 2nd (local time).

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won is currently on an important business trip to the US, focusing on future growth engines in the semiconductor materials and bio fields. Starting from June 22, Chairman Chey will hold a series of important meetings with the CEOs of OpenAI, Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel, aiming to strengthen SK's AI strategy through building a “global AI partnership.”

Chairman Choi attended a “Management Strategy Meeting” via video conference on June 28 to strengthen SK Group's technological capabilities. At the meeting, Chairman Choi emphasized to executives of member companies that “the winds of change related to AI are currently strong in the US, and there is no other topic to discuss besides 'AI,'” and stressed the importance of strengthening “AI value chain leadership” by utilizing SK Group's capabilities.

On July 2 (local time), Chairman Choi visited the headquarters of SK Life Sciences, SK Biopharm's US subsidiary, in New Jersey, to inspect the direct sales status of SK Biopharm's innovative new epilepsy drug, Cenobamate (US brand name: XCOPRI®). Cenobamate recently surpassed 100,000 total prescriptions, proving the drug's efficacy and market acceptance. SK Biopharm also acquired SK Life Science Labs (formerly Proteovant), a leading technology holder in targeted protein degradation (TPD) therapy, further strengthening its position in the bio and pharmaceutical fields.

The next day, Chairman Choi visited Absolix in Covington, Georgia, and toured the world's first glass substrate mass production plant. Absolix is ​​a subsidiary of SKC established in 2021 and is at the forefront of the glass substrate business for semiconductors. The glass substrate is expected to significantly improve the data speed and power consumption of semiconductor packages, and the first commercialized glass substrate is scheduled to begin customer testing in the second half of this year. Prior to this, Chairman Choi promoted the technological competitiveness of the glass substrate to CEOs of major IT companies whom he met with.

An SK official said, “Based on the results of Chairman Choi's visit, related member companies such as SK Hynix and SK Telecom plan to advance follow-up discussions and business collaborations with major technology partners to strengthen the competitiveness of the SK AI ecosystem.”

Chairman Choi's visit to the U.S. is not just about immediate business deals, but also about preparing for future challenges. He urged his team to “closely study the potential impact of the U.S.'s recent biosecure legislation on national security policy and prepare countermeasures,” emphasizing the importance of staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing global landscape.

One of South Korea's largest conglomerates, SK Group has a diverse range of businesses, including energy, chemicals, communications and semiconductors. Since 1998, under the leadership of Che Tae-won, the group has made great strides in globalizing its operations and investing in future technologies. The semiconductor industry in particular is a key area of ​​focus given its role in modern electronics and high-performance computing.

The bio and pharmaceutical sector is another key area for SK Group, with significant advances in drug development and biotechnology. The development and commercialization of new drugs such as Cenobamate is crucial to the company's growth in this sector. Additionally, the Global AI Partnership concept involves collaboration between companies from different countries to advance AI technology, a strategy that SK Group is actively pursuing.

As Chairman Choi's visit to the US continues, the outcomes of his meetings and site visits are expected to shape SK Group's strategic direction for the next few years, particularly in the semiconductor and bio sectors. With its focus on AI, high-performance computing and innovative materials such as glass substrates, the group is well-positioned to lead in these cutting-edge fields.

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