Santander and Google offer free AI training to anyone

AI Basics

Santander and Google have agreed to offer free AI courses to people over the age of 18 worldwide.

Santander | Google: Artificial Intelligence and Productivity course launched on the Santander Open Academy platform and available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The course provides insight into the potential of AI at home and in the workplace, helping participants increase productivity, learn the fundamentals and gain skills to automate tasks, develop ideas and solve problems more efficiently.

“There is no doubt that AI is revolutionizing our daily lives, especially in the workplace and the creation of new job opportunities and roles. This course will provide us with valuable tools to improve our job skills, increase our competitiveness and seamlessly adapt to the demands of the current and future job market,” said Rafael Hernández, Global Head of Universities Santander.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of AI, expose you to practical AI applications, and teach you how to make the most of AI tools with effective commands.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate verifying their new skills.

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