Robotic Assisted Devices (RAD) Announces Improved AI Firearm Detection Analysis

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DETROIT, Mich., May 28, 2024 — Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD), a subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (AITX), is pleased to announce performance and reliability improvements to its firearm detection AI analytics. These improvements will be incorporated into RAD's line of security devices, including ROSA, RIO, AVA and RADDOG, and will begin shipping in June.

Key features of the upgraded firearm detection system include:

  • Double Authentication: This new feature aims to reduce false positives and increase overall reliability by ensuring the system only responds to true positives.
  • Enhanced performance: Updated software provides greater accuracy and faster response times, ensuring more effective threat detection and mitigation.

“Continually improving AI both at the edge and in the cloud is critical to staying ahead of potential threats and ensuring public safety,” said Steve Reinharz, CEO/CTO of AITX and RAD. “We're heavily leaning into this technology, and the combination of existing limited competition and great need makes us feel this is worth the investment.”

The company noted that the verified firearm detection analysis will be an additional cost to ROSS and RAD's actual product lines and will be the first to generate additional revenue for the company. Pricing details will be provided to RAD's dealer channel and customers upon request.

Troy McCann, RAD's Chief Security Officer and former FBI agent, emphasized the importance of proactive security measures, saying, “It is essential for schools and corporate campuses to regularly review their active shooter security procedures and protocols. RAD's firearm detection solutions provide a critical layer of protection that enhances their ability to quickly and effectively identify and respond to threats.”

RAD devices combine edge (on-device) technology with cloud-based processing to make their firearm detection system more reliable. When a potential firearm is detected, the device immediately sends a captured image of the suspect firearm to the RAD Cloud for a process called dual authentication, where the suspect image is compared to RAD's continuously updated library of firearm models.

If the process identifies a true positive, the on-site RAD device automatically enters a local alert phase and issues an audio and visual alert. This action triggers immediate response protocols to quickly notify remote monitoring centers, law enforcement, or other security personnel.

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