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Since ChatGPT went mainstream, artificial intelligence has captivated various industries due to its transformative potential. Today, almost every sector is exploring how AI can improve their services and make their operations more efficient. Amidst this enthusiasm, ethical considerations have loomed large, sparking important discussions about the societal impact of AI.

All IT professionals can benefit from a foundational understanding of AI. If you haven't yet participated in any AI-related discussions or projects, there's a good chance you will. Learning key AI terms and concepts should be on your to-do list.

this A quick reference guide to understanding AI It's designed to help IT professionals understand the core ideas, and also aims to be useful for those who have some knowledge of AI but struggle to explain the concepts and techniques to non-technical audiences.

Guide contents:

  • AI types: You will learn about various subfields and specialized applications of machine learning, natural language processing, and large-scale language models.

  • Real application: Explore how different industries are implementing AI technologies.

  • Ethical aspects: Understand the ethical concerns surrounding AI, including fairness, bias, transparency, and privacy.

  • AI Framework: Learn about the underlying architecture of your AI models

  • Regulation and Compliance: Understand how regulation is impacting AI development and deployment.

AI has a learning curve, but this guide has everything you need to keep up with this fast-growing field. With a solid understanding of AI fundamentals, IT professionals can confidently participate in discussions about AI's impact on business and the way work gets done.

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