QuantHealth Hires OMNY Health to Improve Dataset Structure for AI Platform

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QuantHealth is AI-Powered QuantHealth, a clinical test design company, today announced a partnership with OMNY Health, a premier healthcare ecosystem for facilitating cross-industry, compliant healthcare data sharing. The collaboration aims to unlock new insights from OMNY Health's vast de-identified data network to drive new opportunities in clinical trials, evidence-based practice and medical research for QuantHealth's clients, which include four of the five largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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“Our mission is to take data out of silos so it can be shared, analyzed, and used to power life-saving treatments and improve patient care.”

By consolidating diverse EHRs into curated, de-identified research data products, OMNY provides comprehensive information to researchers and healthcare providers, addressing disparities in clinical trials and filling critical demographic information gaps in drug discovery and development. OMNY's extensive data portfolio supports downstream analytical needs for life sciences innovation. Our partnership with QuantHealth provides insights to accelerate life-changing innovation and further highlights data as a driver of AI companies.

QuantHealth's AI technology is trained on a dataset of 350 million patients to enhance clinical t**** timelines, reduce t**** risk, and identify subgroups more likely to respond to treatment. This collaboration enables QuantHealth's pharmaceutical partners to expedite drug development through simulated clinical trials based on real-world evidence and predicted clinical t**** outcomes, drug efficacy, and patient responses.

“Biotech is entering an exciting part of the history of life sciences,” said Omri Matalon, vice president of clinical data science and head of R&D operations. “This collaboration with OMNY Health furthers QuantHealth's commitment to quality data and access for our partners. This diverse, highly organized, anonymized research and data will enable us to optimize our mock clinical trials and provide the highest quality insights to our life science partners, allowing us to continue to revolutionize the R&D field.”

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This partnership signals OMNY Health's focus on life sciences data, accelerating diverse participation in clinical trials and significantly strengthening its real-world data ecosystem that supports large-scale partnerships with regulated research AI companies. By facilitating secure, mutually beneficial data sharing, OMNY will help companies like QuantHealth simulate large-scale trials to expedite, mitigate risk and optimize drug development, bringing effective medicines to the world faster.

“Life sciences organizations and healthcare providers often face time and budget constraints that limit how well they can leverage data. By partnering with QuantHealth, we can break down these barriers and provide coordinated, on-demand, data-driven answers to pressing clinical questions. This collaboration will accelerate drug development and optimize clinical trials, leading to improved outcomes and enhanced patient care,” said Mitesh Rao, CEO of OMNY Health. “Our mission is to free data from silos so it can be shared, analyzed, and used to power life-saving treatments and improve patient care.”

The partnership follows QuantHealth's recent strategic investment from Accenture Ventures and a leading CRO firm, bringing the company's total Series A funding to $17 million. Founded in 2020, QuantHealth aims to help pharmaceutical companies advance and de-risk their programs by using AI to simulate clinical trials. The company's technology predicts clinical trial outcomes, drug efficacy and patient responses, and provides real-world evidence to increase the success of clinical trials.

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