Qlik AutoML enhances human instincts with precise machine intelligence

Machine Learning

as the world As the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerates, companies are working hard to squeeze more efficiency and become more competitive. Opportunities are seized by businesses that are able to connect more with customers, retain valuable skills, streamline operations, and make the right decisions at the right time.

Business intelligence (BI) software has come a long way. Today, businesses are empowered by ever-evolving technology to access analytics and insights in record time. Today, most businesses appreciate the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), taking business processes to new levels of efficiency and supporting decision making with deep actionable insights. increase.

However, until recently, the complexity of deploying ML models required companies to have access to highly specialized data scientists to harness the power of both AI and ML. His AutoML capabilities in Qlik are game-changing, democratizing the use of advanced analytics by simplifying the process of building and deploying ML models.

Qlik’s AutoML capabilities enable users to automatically analyze and model data within the Qlik platform, eliminating the need for manual data preparation and model selection. User-friendly and code-free, her AutoML capabilities are aimed at data analysts, not data scientists. This means businesses can quickly unlock the value of AI and ML without the need for highly skilled and correspondingly expensive data scientists.

Key features of Qlik’s AutoML include:

  • Auditability: Audit functionality allows users to quickly reproduce models, fine-tune them, and choose the best one based on results. Compare this to doing it manually. For example, a data scientist may need to code up to 30 scripts for basket analysis. It’s easy to see how AutoML saves time, improves efficiency, and delivers accurate solutions.
  • Integration: AutoML is directly integrated into Qlik Sense, allowing you to visualize the predictions made by your ML models in a logical and user-friendly way.
  • Find out why, not just what: Prescriptive analytics drill down while AutoML generates predictions why A prediction has been made. Qlik AutoML processes ML, and Qlik Insight Advisor, Qlik’s AI engine, retrieves and intelligently interprets result sets from existing data or ML models to create dynamic dashboards that you can use.

Where is Qlik AutoML best deployed?

The answer is everywhere. The power of ML models can greatly improve business decisions in all areas: sales, marketing, finance, operations, human resources, supply chain, support and more.

For example, in sales, customers can predict win/loss ratios and prevent customer churn. In HR, companies focus on employee retention, why some employees are likely to leave, and what meaningful changes to make to retain those valuable skills. can understand what is possible. Marketing can be more focused and individualized, targeting specialized offers to customers who are more likely to purchase a particular product.

In the supply chain, AutoML can be used to optimize inventory levels by analyzing factors such as lead times, customer demand, and order quantity. This helps businesses reduce inventory costs and put the right product in the right place at the right time.

These are just a few examples of how AutoML can help your business, but almost any business area that captures and stores data can improve efficiency and effectiveness through an AutoML implementation. .

Delivered in a no-code interface, Qlik AutoML’s machine learning and predictions enable businesses to take their digital transformation to the next level.

Qlik AutoML brings AI-generated ML models and predictive analytics directly to those in your organization who need access to, and can act on, quick, actionable insights. This is achieved through a simple user experience that augments human instincts with machine intelligence.

Stacked with Qlik’s full suite of BI applications, Qlik AutoML’s machine learning and predictions are delivered in a no-code interface, enabling businesses to take their digital transformation to the next level.

Insight Consulting, an end-to-end data and information company, works with companies across Africa to leverage Qlik’s AutoML tools to drive business processes to new levels of efficiency and drive decisions with deep, actionable insights. Support.

Partner with Insight Consulting today to discover how the powerful predictive analytics and explainable AI of Qlik AutoML can help your business.

  • The authors of this article are Alan Swanepoel, Head of Product: Data Analytics, Insight Consulting, and Charlene Smith, Director of Sales, Insight Consulting.
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