Proven AI Leader Dr. Christian Guttmann Joins Pega to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Innovation

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Dr. Guttmann Appointed Vice President of Engineering, Decision Making and AI

Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 5, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — Pegasystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), a low-code platform provider that delivers Build for Change® to the world’s leading enterprises, today announced Dr. Christian Guttmann Vice President of Engineering, Decision Making and AI. As a seasoned AI leader in both business and academia, Dr. Guttmann will oversee the architecture and delivery of the AI ​​technologies that power the Pega Infinity™ product suite.

Dr. Guttmann has over 25 years of experience in AI, machine learning and decision technology and commercialization. He joined Pega at Tietoevry, a global software and services company, where he founded the AI ​​and Data business and served as Vice President and Global Head of AI and Data. As an entrepreneur, Guttmann launched and marketed Healthihabits, a digital healthcare startup that uses AI to help people make better health choices. In his early career and in his milestones, Dr. Guttmann was the leader of IBM’s Australian research lab, and his research earned him several patents.Also at the British Telecom Innovation Center United Arab EmiratesHe currently serves on the Board of Intelligent Ultrasound Group Pty, a publicly traded AI medical technology company based in the UK.

As a scientist, Dr. Guttmann is a Senior Research Fellow (Adjunct) in AI and Digital Health. Karolinska Institute, a world-class medical school. He also serves as Executive Director of the Nordic AI Institute, Europe’s top independent institution on AI Thought His leadership. He was previously an adjunct professor at a university. University of New South Wales of Australia His research focused on AI and digital health. He got his Ph.D. At Monash University he does research focusing on AI and multi-agent his systems.

Guttmann will oversee the development of Pega’s AI, natural language processing, and decision-making technology. This includes his patented Pega Customer Decision Hub™, which provides centralized AI to help clients optimize all customer interactions and inject machine learning into Pega’s case management engine. increase.

Pega has a history of leveraging responsible AI to deliver personalized engagement and optimize business processes. Building on that history, Pega recently announced new generative AI capabilities (like the one behind his ChatGPT in OpenAI). This allows clients to complete tasks in Pega using simple natural language prompts such as “generate report” or “build application”. Dr. Guttmann joins Dr. Guttmann, the head of his AI lab at Pega. peter van der puttenfor a presentation on “Mapping the AI ​​Landscape”, PegaWorld iNspirethe annual meeting of the company to be held June 11-13, 2023at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

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Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer, Pega, said: As AI continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, he will guide continued investment in innovative AI solutions and help ensure clients benefit from the latest developments. . ”

Dr. Guttmann said: We look forward to working with some of the most highly regarded people in this space to help the world’s top companies use his AI to improve customer relationships. ”

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