NVIDIA Honors Partners Helping Industries Leverage AI to Transform Business

Applications of AI

NVIDIA today recognized numerous partners in the Americas for their efforts to enable customers to build and deploy AI applications across a wide range of industries.

NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) Americas Partner of the Year Awards Recognize Companies in 13 Categories Covering AI, Consulting, Distribution, Education, Healthcare, Integration, Networking, Public Sector, Nova, Service Delivery, Software and Canadian Markets was awarded to A new awards category created this year recognizes the growing adoption of AI in retail as leaders begin to introduce new AI-powered services addressing customer service, loss prevention, and inventory replenishment analytics. I’m here.

Rob Enderle, President and Principal Analyst, Enderle Group, said: “His NPN Award winner for 2023 reflects a diverse group of professionals in the AI ​​business who have demonstrated a deep knowledge of delivering innovative solutions to customers across a variety of industries. ”

The 2023 NPN Award winners for the Americas are:

  • arrow electronicsDistribution Partner of the Year. Delivering end-to-end NVIDIA AI technologies to various industries including manufacturing, retail, healthcare and robotics, helping organizations accelerate their computing and robotics strategies via on-premises, hybrid cloud and intelligent edge solutions It is recognized that Arrow’s Autonomous Machines Center of Excellence.
  • Cambridge computerHigher Education Partner of the Year. Recognized for the third consecutive year for our continued focus on delivering NVIDIA AI solutions to the education, life sciences and research computing sectors.
  • CDW Software Partner of the Year. Known for deploying NVIDIA AI and visualization solutions to customers across a wide range of industries and employing deep industry expertise for end-to-end customer support.
  • CDW CanadaCanadian Partner of the Year. Recognized for providing IT solutions that enable the country’s leading vendors to deliver customized solutions using NVIDIA technology to meet the needs of each client.
  • Deloitte Consulting Partner of the Year. Third consecutive year of creating new AI markets for clients by expanding AI investment in solutions co-developed with NVIDIA across enterprise AI and into new offerings with generative AI and NVIDIA DGX Cloud was rated in
  • FedData Technology SolutionsRising Star Partner of the Year. NVIDIA DGX-based design wins major federal customer, recognizing new initiative using NVIDIA Omniverse platform for building and operating metaverse applications.
  • insightRetail Partner of the Year. A deep understanding of the industry, ecosystem partnerships, and the ability to orchestrate best-in-class solutions to bring real-time speed and predictability to retailers, enabling intelligent stores, intelligent quick service restaurants, intelligent supply chains, and omnichannel is allowed. management.
  • lambdaSolution Integration Partner of the Year. Recognized for the third year in a row for our commitment to delivering end-to-end NVIDIA solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud, across industries including higher education and research, the federal and public sector, and healthcare and life sciences.
  • Mark IIIHealthcare Partner of the Year. Recognition for unique team and deep understanding of NVIDIA portfolio that provides academic medical centers, research institutions, healthcare systems and life sciences organizations with NVIDIA infrastructure, software and cloud technologies to build AI, HPC and simulation centers of excellence was given.
  • microwavePublic Sector Partner of the Year. Recognized for technical depth and engineering focused on serving the public sector with technologies across the NVIDIA portfolio, including high-performance computing and other specialties.
  • Quantify Service Delivery Partner of the Year. Recognized for its efforts to drive adoption of NVIDIA products in areas such as customized large-scale language models, digital avatars, edge computing, medical imaging and data science, as well as its expertise in helping customers build and deploy,2 Awarded for consecutive years. AI solutions at scale.
  • Worldwide technologyAI Solution Provider of the Year. Leadership in driving adoption of NVIDIA portfolio of AI and accelerated computing solutions and continuation to large-scale language models, computer vision, Omniverse-based digital twins, and AI infrastructure for customer testing and labs at WWT Advanced investment has been approved. technology center.
  • Worldwide technology Networking Partner of the Year. Recognized for his expertise in driving NVIDIA’s high-performance networking solutions and supporting accelerated computing environments across multiple industries and AI solutions.

This year’s awards come at a time of rapid growth in the adoption of AI across industries, opening up new opportunities and accelerating discovery in healthcare, finance, business services and more. As AI models become more complex, the 2023 NPN Award winners are expert partners who can help companies develop and deploy AI to production using the best infrastructure for operations.

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