Nintendo's recent response to its use of generative AI was more nuanced.

Applications of AI

A detailed transcript of a recent Nintendo shareholders meeting includes responses from Shuntaro Furukawa regarding the company's use of generative AI.

Thanks to the good and talented people at Automaton, Furukawa's actual answer regarding the use of generative AI in games is more complicated than what has been covered elsewhere. Specifically, here is his response to question 4 in the transcript regarding the use of AI:

“AI-like technology has long been used in the game industry to determine the behavior of enemy characters, and I believe that game development and AI have always been closely related. Generative AI, which has been attracting attention recently, can be even more creative, but it also poses problems in terms of intellectual property rights.

Over the course of several decades, we have accumulated expertise in creating the best gaming experiences for our consumers. We will continue to respond flexibly to technological developments and deliver the unique appeal of Nintendo that cannot be achieved through technology alone.

The first point about AI having been used in games for a long time is entirely true, and it's also worth noting that much of the recent AI boom has come from Nvidia's gaming graphics cards.

However, Furukawa did not rule out the use of generative AI, saying the company is open and flexible to new technologies. Most importantly, Nintendo is not tied to new technologies when it comes to game production, which is something we already know.

Just as Nintendo has been slow to jump on the VR bandwagon, they're being similarly thoughtful and cautious about the latest advancements in AI. This isn't the same as saying generative AI will never be used, but rather that, like all new technology, it's being carefully considered.

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