New WhatsApp features | You'll soon be able to forward video notes, generate AI images of yourself, and more

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WhatsApp is reportedly introducing a new feature that will allow users to forward video notes to multiple contacts at the same time, eliminating the need to record the same video multiple times.

According to WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, some beta testers now have access to a new camera mode that simplifies the process of sharing content in chats: Instead of having to tap and hold the camera icon in the chat bar, users can now record video notes directly within the camera interface.

This feature removes some of the confusion around how to send video notes, providing a more consistent and intuitive experience. It's available to select beta testers today for both Android and iOS users, with a broader rollout coming soon.

Other updates for WhatsApp users

In another update, WABetaInfo will soon WhatsApp Channel Owners can transfer messages, photos, videos, and GIFs to their channels. They can also transfer media from other apps, such as File Explorer, directly to a WhatsApp channel.

“The introduction of the ability to easily forward and share messages, photos, videos and GIFs directly into a channel is a major step forward for channel owners, as it simplifies the process of maintaining a channel by eliminating multiple steps that were previously required,” the company added.

Users will no longer need to save media to their devices and manually upload it to channels – they can now directly transfer content from personal chats or share media from other apps, like File Explorer or Photo Library, directly to channels.

The feature is currently in beta testing on Android and will be rolled out to more users soon.

However, this feature is only available to the WhatsApp channel owner and not the admins or members.

In other news, WhatsApp has launched a new Meta AI GenAI is a feature that allows chatbots to generate an AI image of the user.

“With this feature, users take one set of photos, which Meta AI uses to generate AI images. Users take setup photos, which are then analyzed to create these images, ensuring that the generated images accurately represent the look,” WABetaInfo said. Said.

After taking a photo, users can ask Meta AI to generate an AI image of them by typing “imagine me” in the chat or by invoking the chatbot in a personal conversation using “@MetaAI.”

The report adds that users have full control over the feature and can delete the setup photos at any time through Meta AI settings.

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