New Meta AI features coming to WhatsApp for Android

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No release dates have been announced yet for these new features.

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July 9, 2024

New Meta AI features coming to WhatsApp for Android
New Meta AI features coming to WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp for Android is reportedly planning to introduce a new feature that will allow its built-in AI chatbot, Meta AI, to edit images and reply to messages.

According to the update tracker WA Beta InformationHowever, the feature is still in development and is not yet visible to users who are part of the app's beta program.

The upcoming Meta AI feature will be powered by Meta's latest large-scale language model, Llama 3, and will provide privacy control options to protect your images.

However, the release date for these new features has yet to be announced.

The new feature was spotted in the WhatsApp beta version for Android version

Currently, the AI ​​chatbot can only reply to text messages, but the new feature will allow users to post an image and ask the AI ​​questions about it.

This feature is similar to what is already available on platforms such as Gemini AI and ChatGPT.

Another key feature is that Meta AI will enable you to edit images. Although the details of the editing capabilities are not fully known, it is expected to support basic edits such as improving lighting, cropping, and removing background objects.

It is also likely to offer advanced editing features like changing backgrounds and adding effects, similar to the Magic Editor on Pixel phones.

The report also suggests that photos sent to Meta AI are analysed, including for facial features, and that users have control over their images and can delete them at any time.

However, it is unclear whether deleting an image also removes it from Meta AI's database.

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