New AI-powered tool lets creators convert long-form videos into short videos

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YouTube short videos continue to be watched billions of times per day, Ben Lab is announcing new tools to help feature-length creators join the fun.through a subsidiary tube buddylaunched by an AI-driven entertainment company Recommended shorts Tools to identify clip-worthy moments in feature-length content.

Like many tools developed by BENlabs and TubeBuddy, Suggested Shorts uses artificial intelligence to help creators and brands optimize their earnings on platforms like YouTube. This new product tracks viewer behavior and viewing habits to determine when long format uploads need to be reformatted into vertical videos.

In a press release, BENlabs noted that 72% of users who tried Suggested Shorts during its beta stage said they would be disappointed if the tool weren’t available permanently. “The TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts tool shows exactly when a video should be turned into a short based on how long users have been watching that video.” Austin ArmstrongCreator of the Socialty Pro YouTube channel . “This tool is the best opportunity to grow your channel on YouTube.”

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The Recommended Short Video tool comes at a pivotal time for YouTube short videos. Google-owned TikTok competitors have already proven they can deliver impressive viewership numbers. On the latest US Top 50 chart, 39 of his 50 participants primarily stream short videos, and all of these channels get at least 100 million YouTube views weekly. Some of these channels, such as MrBeast and LankyBox, thrive on splitting long-form uploads into short-form clips.

Over the past few months, YouTube has been trying to add monetization to their short form mixes. The company’s decision to place ads on YouTube Shorts is exciting news for creators, but early earnings from its revenue-sharing program have been lackluster. As the earning potential of shorts increases, new tools from BENlabs help feature creators catch up with short creators.

Suggested short videos are accessible from TubeBuddy, which has introduced a number of AI-powered channel optimization tools since its launch over eight years ago. BENlabs acquired TubeBuddy in 2020.

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