Netizens are in awe as AI recreates images of Ramayana characters

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Netizens are in awe as AI recreates images of Ramayana characters

April 6, 2023, 2:31 PM
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See realistic-looking characters created by Samuel

It’s the perfect day to wake up to the wonders of artificial intelligence and machine learning!

From voice assistants to personalized learning, AI taking the world by storm is a commonplace feat in the world of technology.

A recent AI-generated image of an Indian epic character Ramayana Netizens were amazed at what this automated system can do.

AI generated images of Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman and Ravana

Sachin Samuel, Founder and Creative Director of Bootpolish Talkies, shared an AI-generated photo on LinkedIn. Ramayana Legendary Lord Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Lord Hanuman and the evil king Ravana.

The post quickly went viral as it tickled the hearts of many Hindu mythology enthusiasts around the world and left people in awe of these works.

The image was generated using an app called Midjourney

In his post, Samuel shared that he used an AI tool called Midjourney to create the images.

“From childhood Ramayana always fascinated me. Ramayana Full of heartwarming characters. Even villains Valli and Indrajit shed tears when they die. That’s the beauty of a great epic where you can love and hate villains in equal measure,” he wrote in the viral post.

Netizens were in awe when the post went viral

Samuel’s comment section was inundated with people sharing their thoughts on the AI-generated images.

“This is amazing and probably the best way to represent a South Asian mythological character,” wrote Siddhesh Zadey.

“This is amazing. Sometimes when you peel back the layers and dig into the basics, you can see so much content. These images really evoke the mind to read books.” Ramayana From a different perspective,” said Gautam Verlekar.

AI has surprised people with many images in the past

This isn’t the first time AI has generated images that overwhelm people.

Earlier this year, an AI user created an image of a posh Pope Francis in a white puffer jacket (and tricked the world).

The photographer won the contest by generating an AI image featuring two surfers paddling in the ocean during the early morning sunrise hours.

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