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Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and more than 1,000 other industry leaders are calling for a six-month halt to the rapid, uncontrolled and runaway development of artificial intelligence. I like the idea of ​​losing control over this new technology, but the problem is that it doesn’t work. However, there is another solution, which requires worldwide buy-in.

First, this delay raises new questions and problems. Similarly, is a six-month delay long enough? What about the rest of the world? Will the rest of the world not slow down their insane dash into the future of AI, leaving the United States in the proverbial dust?

Moreover, AI is being developed by a large group of companies large and small, and by a large number of scientists and business leaders. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to control US and global development.

Is Musk and Wozniak’s six-month delay in AI long enough?

In short, I understand the desire to slow down the ferocious rush to AI along with Musk and Wozniak, but trying to do so doesn’t work.

We must pay close attention to every step we take as we move into this new world. But stopping the rapid and runaway development of AI doesn’t really work as other countries and countless individuals continue to move forward at lightning speed.

Yes, the risk of this potential problem is real. So we need to come up with different solutions to deal with the potential problems that AI creates.

An alternative to pausing AI to keep the U.S. on pace with global growth

First, we need to recognize that the AI ​​is a two-sided coin. And both should be given equal attention. One can help mankind, but the other can be very dangerous to mankind.

Another way to look at this issue is to look at how the nuclear bomb threat played out decades ago. Only a few countries were allowed to have this technology after seeing the devastation it unleashed. This worked. Perhaps this could work with AI as well.

AI is defining history, moments in America and the world

AI needs to be thought of in these terms because left unchecked, it can bring great benefit and great harm to our civilization.

That doesn’t start. It starts innocently like a new technology game. We all play with it and rejoice like children with new toys.

Then it permeates our society. It takes low-level work, like taking orders at McDonald’s, and ends up cooking burger after burger.

While this may be more efficient, it also eliminates many entry-level and low-level jobs that affect millions of workers, the economy and society at large.

Going forward, AI will increasingly impact the workforce in many ways. Then, as technology gets better, smarter, and more invasive, it will permeate our society faster and deeper.

AI helps and hurts humanity. It would be very disruptive for our economy.

Even our society’s technology leaders and those developing AI don’t know how much damage will be done. Damage that cannot be controlled or undone.

AI is both useful and dangerous, so we should always be vigilant

You see, AI is a technology with both good and bad sides. On the one hand, AI is great. I don’t want AI to disappear. You can scan the backs of medical patients to see countless moles searching for cancer and saving lives. It can replace damaged organs. You can fix problems that were unfixable in the past.

But Musk and Wozniak warn that some parts of AI go deeper and may not do good for individuals or society.

You need a balance. We need to keep the good parts of profitable AI going. At the same time, attention should be paid to parts that can cause failure or damage.

Elon Musk is an AI advocate, investor and critic

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence has been on a rapid growth trajectory. Now that the growth trajectory has accelerated to such an extent, fearful red flags are being raised among those who understand the potential problems it can cause.

Elon Musk, a proponent, investor and now critic of this new AI technology, says we should tread cautiously into this uncharted new garden.

Now, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined Musk and over 1,000 other top technology leaders in calling for a pause in the rapid and runaway development of AI.

To tell you the truth, I think this list will continue to grow incredibly large. These tech leaders warn against rushing into the AI ​​wilderness.

Is it wise to ignore their warnings?

Should we go blind about AI and ignore the warnings of tech experts?

This is uncharted territory, they say, even for developers of chatbot technologies like ChatGPT, GPT4, GPT5, Bard, and advanced AI. Even they do not understand, now or in the future, the impact this new technology will have on civilization.

If so, do we keep driving down this road blindfolded? That would be crazy. But that’s exactly what we do today. After a certain point it may be too late to pull back and do anything to stop it.

AI development is racing to be the first, neither safe nor controllable

Furthermore, pausing AI development will only put you behind the global eight ball, and it won’t stop or even slow you down.

Look, other countries won’t wait. They keep moving forward at breakneck speed. So if you delay, you may be left in the AI ​​dust.

Today, the race aims to be the first without worrying about the safety of this new technology. After all, we all know how runaway technology affects personal privacy, security, and more.

These things can creep up on us when we’re not looking. example. I was discussing an obscure topic with my coffee group this morning. Something that has never been discussed before.

Then suddenly, some of us started seeing ads on our iPhones and Android phones on the same obscure topic.

Android and iPhone smartphones are already violating privacy

Yes, it’s a smartphone. That means companies and devices like the Apple iPhone and Google Android are always behind us, listening to our every word.

Today privacy is just an illusion. We lost it years ago. If so, what impact will AI have in the coming years?

Today, businesses use it for marketing purposes, but it’s too powerful to let go. What if tomorrow governments or other countries or adversaries use this to control the population or worse?

This is part of what Musk and Wozniak warn us about. So don’t think this warning is unfounded. There is real and imminent danger if you do not watch your steps carefully.

Generative AI, Chatbots, ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, Microsoft, Google, OpenAI

To tell you the truth, I see both sides and I have no answer. I want to grow an AI company. I want you to keep doing good things. However, I want to protect society and the economy today and tomorrow.

So, while pausing may give you time to balance, it also puts you at a competitive disadvantage. Or, hopefully you won’t get wrecked, put on a blindfold and keep going at racing speed.

That’s the crazy choice we have to make today.

One thing is certain, something needs to be done. Perhaps we should approach this like the nuclear bomb we did decades ago to keep us from straying from the depths. and should be dealt with correctly.

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