Morgan Freeman slams popular voiceover video as AI 'scam'

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Morgan Freeman recently spoke out about a TikTok video that used artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate his voice.

The video, which attracted a lot of attention, was created by a user named “Justine's Camera Roll” and later re-shared on X (formerly Twitter) by “JahelisWasHere.”

The video, which has been viewed 16.5 million times, appears to show Freeman narrating a vacation video.

But Freeman told X he was not involved and called the video a “scam.”

AI videos become hot topics and spark controversy

The controversial TikTok video begins with what is believed to be Freeman's voice saying, “Welcome to my niece's day in the life of my niece, narrated by me, Morgan Freeman. Justin told me it was going to be a cultural experience in Spain and he asked for money.”

The voice continues to narrate the 44-second clip, misleading viewers into believing it is the famous actor himself.

Upon discovering the video, Freeman quickly denied it via X, writing, “Thank you to all my amazing fans for your vigilance and support in highlighting the unauthorized use of an AI voice impersonating me. Your dedication helps ensure authenticity and honesty come first. Thank you. #AI #scam #copycat #privacy.”

TikTok user apologizes

On July 1, 2024, Justin, the creator of the video, apologized on TikTok.

She explained that it was initially meant as a joke, but once the video went viral, it got out of control.

“Why did I wake up this morning and see the Daily Mail? This is my face. When I posted this video on TikTok it got like 30,000 views. Then someone posted it to Twitter and it got 16 million views,” she said.

“Uncle Mo is mad at me because I thought it was obvious this was a joke. I'm so sorry if anyone from his team is watching. I just thought it was funny. People love it. We're laughing and we're joking. Please don't cancel or cancel. Please don't cancel or cancel. Use your judgement online but this is all in fun.”

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