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Indra Minsight is accelerating the expansion of artificial intelligence within its processes and has started applying this resource both in its customer offerings and in its internal transformation. They work in key areas such as developing software solutions, optimizing services and improving their own company's productivity.

As Luis Abril, Indra Executive Director and Minsite CEO, said: He explains: “We are the most advanced company in the adoption of the Copilot tool for software development. We are a technology company that is not only advancing the adoption of AI in-house, but also leading the expansion of this resource in many other organizations. All this allows us to have a high-level vision of the impact that artificial intelligence will have on our internal processes, and we need to have the best solutions to make AI a natural ally, integrating it not only in what we offer to our customers, but also in our own development and operations. We need to use the full power of AI to create efficiency in our services, increase competitiveness, increase productivity and guarantee quality.”

This AI expansion ties into a strategic, operational and cultural transformation plan that Minsight has been working on since November 2023, the focus of which has been an internal drive for the mass adoption of artificial intelligence across all derivative products. To this end, the company created an internal program, EscuderIA Minsait, to accelerate the adoption of GitHub Copilot, a solution developed by GitHub, OpenAI and Microsoft based on generative AI models, among its development teams. It is a coding assistant that helps programmers generate code and test cases efficiently, consistently, with high quality and including good security practices. It supports experts at all times during the programming process by allowing them to interpret existing code in natural language and semi-automatically offering suggestions for building software or compiling documentation.

but, Incorporating AI into software development is just one area where digital companies are working to bring artificial intelligence in-house. In parallel with this, the company is also transforming processes in two other very specific areas: the evolution of the services and solutions it offers to its customers, and the internal productivity of its experts.

therefore, As part of transforming its services and offerings, the technology company has identified accelerators and unique solutions that combine robotics with traditional and generative AI (which it calls AIADOS) and directly link them to its evolution and operations. They excel not just in delivering solutions but also in how they execute things for their customers, be it demand forecasting, extracting information from forms, assisting with functional support, or automating necessary processes.

finally, For internal productivity purposes, Minsait has expanded its use of Copilot for Microsoft 365, a Microsoft solution that it is helping other organizations adopt. This advancement in artificial intelligence has enabled Minsight to standardize processes that were previously performed mechanically with little to no expert input, such as composing emails, creating PowerPoint presentations, recording meetings, automatically creating Excel sheets, and translating meetings into other languages.

From resistance to change, to professional adaptation itself, to the threat of stagnating levels of growth and results, there are many challenges faced when introducing assistants and scaling AI within a company. However, Minsite reminds us that the availability of specialized support, retraining of experts and measurement-based methodologies that allow reevaluating the actions taken are fundamental prerequisites to ensure that this resource penetrates the organization.

Software Development

One major business application where AI is already proving to be an ally is in collaborative software development.Minsight's progress has been particularly important in this area, with the company having already awarded more than 2,500 first-pilot licenses and planning to involve more than 10,000 professionals in change management in the medium term.

To date, the company highlights that it is pleased with the approval rate achieved with the use of the tool: the quality level of the developed code analysis has been rated high or very high in 77% of cases, and 90% of users have already recommended the use of GitHub Copilot to other professionals. Looking at the profiles, digital companies found that the youngest users were more adaptable to Copilot as a “colleague”, relying directly on him and gaining greater autonomy. Older professionals were initially reluctant to adapt, but once they got over this stage, they became allies who focused on new perspectives in developing innovative solutions.

More than 550 Minsait work teams across more than 10 regions are working on implementing our unique methodology based on measurement and continuous improvement. And since people interaction and sharing use cases has proven to be one of the big drivers of AI in the organizational structure, we are already sharing information and consultations with our internal community, which consists of 2,130 members.

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