Microsoft rolls out Edge’s AI image generator to everyone

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Microsoft is making its DALL-E powered AI image generator “available to edge users worldwide on their desktops.” The company announced it was coming last month when it integrated its image generation technology into its Bing chatbot, but the move could make it available to a much wider audience.

At rollout — me and two others Verge Staff using Edge don’t seem to be able to access it yet. “Image Creator” will appear in the Edge sidebar. Using it is very easy. Type in what you want to see and Bing will generate several images that match your prompts. Then you can download whatever you like and use it as you wish.

In a blog post on Thursday, Microsoft touts the feature as a way to create “very specific” visuals while working on social media posts, slideshows and documents. This used to be possible in a variety of ways — you could use OpenAI’s DALL-E, Microsoft’s Bing image creator site, Bing Chat’s built-in image generator, or one of the many other image generators — in Edge With a well-placed sidebar, it’s much easier to ask the AI ​​to make a photo for you while you’re doing something else on the web.

According to Microsoft, at least for now, you have to manually add it to the sidebar before using it. To do this, open the sidebar,[+]Click the button, then toggle the switch next to Image Creator.

Microsoft did not immediately have a comment The BargeIt’s about how many images a user can create using this tool or when anyone can see it.

The company is also adding other features to Edge, such as a drop tool that lets you send files and other content to yourself, and create personal notebooks that sync across devices. Microsoft has also added a tool called “Browser Essentials”. It’s basically a button you can click to let you know Edge is efficient and doing a great job of scanning for malware (although this feature is currently only available in its early stages). access the build).

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