Microsoft brings Bing Chat to Android via SwiftKey, adds AI image generator to Edge

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The updated Swiftkey brings an AI-powered keyboard to Android devices, giving users access to chatbots from anywhere.

Microsoft Bing and Edge Get New AI ToolsMicrosoft plans to roll out updates to Swiftkey on iOS soon. Plus, a new image generator makes searching and content generation easier. (Image: Microsoft)

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For all those who marvel at the Bing chatbot, we have great news. Microsoft introduced Bing Chat AI to his SwiftKey keyboard for Android. This measure in SwiftKey Beta will get you up and running with Bing Chat right away. Users can join AI-powered chatbots with the tap of a button in any app on their Android smartphone.

A new integration allows SwiftKey to use Bing Chat in regular chat mode and tone mode to rewrite text from within the keyboard. A new update to SwiftKey will allow users to access their chatbots from anywhere, making the Bing Mobile app more or less unnecessary.

To access the new Bing Chat integration, users will need to download the beta version of SwiftKey on the Google Play store. At this time, there is no confirmation as to when it will come to iOS. However, Pedram Rezaei, CTO of mobile and commerce at Microsoft, said the feature is rolling out gradually.

Microsoft has temporarily dropped support for SwiftKey on iOS. However, users can still see your application in the App Store. The iOS version hasn’t been updated yet, but it looks like Microsoft will soon introduce an AI-powered tool to combat stiff competition among similar tools.

AI Image Creator comes to Edge

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also bringing its DALL-E powered AI image generator to the desktop for Edge users. Known as Bing Image Creator, this feature was introduced in late March. Users just write what they want to generate using this feature. Now, with the latest announcement, this feature will be available to more users.

The image creator will reportedly be placed in Edge’s sidebar. The user simply types what they want to see and the image associated with the prompt is generated. The user must manually add the image creator to the sidebar to use it. “If this is your first time using Image Creator in Microsoft Edge, in the Edge sidebar[+]You need to click the icon and toggle the Image Creator toggle key to enable it,” the company said on its official blog.

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First published date: Jul 4, 2023 12:18 IST

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