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Microsoft is introducing some AI smarts to the OneNote application to help you generate the content you want easier and faster. In a blog post published Wednesday, OneNote product his manager Greg Mace revealed that the Microsoft 365 Copilot AI tool will be coming to his OneNote.

While already announced for other Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams, OneNote’s Copilot integration supports large-scale language models (LLMs) such as Open AI’s GPT-4 for notes, calendars, and more. , emails, chats, documents, meetings, and other data. So, according to Microsoft, the tool aims to help users in his two key ways.

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First, Copilot AI works behind the scenes to help you. Second, provide a business chat feature that allows you to proactively seek help. By chatting with the software, you can ask the software to generate specific information based on your natural language queries. The goal is to save time and effort by working on more mundane tasks or creating repetitive content.

Microsoft provides the following example of what you can ask Copilot to do in OneNote.

  • “Summarize your notes into bullet points on a new page.”
  • “Develop a list of topics and issues to be addressed at the annual investor update conference.”
  • “I am planning a spring trip to Paris for myself, my partner and our two teenage children.”
  • “I am starting a coffee wholesale and roasting company. Please give me 10 suggestions for a company name and vision statement.”

In response, AI analyzes raw notes, emails, and other data to automatically create relevant content.

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“Copilot in OneNote helps you create, capture, organize, and recall information with confidence,” Mace said in a blog post. “As your note-taking partner, Copilot uses prompts to draft plans, generate ideas, create lists, organize information, and more. Add context lets you transform existing text.Upgrade your digital notebook with natural language.Commands to reorganize notebooks, adjust formatting, and highlight what’s important.”

Microsoft 365 Copilot for OneNote

Microsoft 365 Copilot aims to bring AI smarts to OneNote.

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As OpenAI’s ChatGPT rocks the tech world, businesses are scrambling to jump on the bandwagon. Microsoft has already announced its own Bing AI chat tool available in the Edge browser. The company also has a Bing Image Creator that designs images based on text descriptions. But the real test of AI is whether it can be smoothly integrated into the applications we use every day and help users without compromising privacy, security, and other areas.

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While Copilot is aimed at enterprise users for now, Mace said Microsoft’s AI efforts have been reviewed by a team of researchers, engineers, and policy experts for privacy issues and other potential issues. He said it is. The company uses its Azure Content he moderation stack to monitor and filter harmful content, and utilizes technologies like InterpretML and Fairlearn to detect and remediate possible biases in his data, he said. He added Mace.

Mace didn’t reveal a specific timeframe for the OneNote Copilot integration. However, Microsoft has previously tested his Copilot with a small group of customers to improve the product based on feedback, and he said he will bring Copilot to all productivity apps in the coming months. was

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