Masters app and website feature AI commentary on event coverage

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(CNN) Golf fans tuning in to watch The Masters on the tournament’s app and website this week may have a question.

The answer is that AI-generated commentary has been launched at Augusta National.

Released in collaboration with IBM, the feature will automatically add audio descriptions to more than 20,000 video clips during the major, according to a press release. Since 2019, The Masters has committed to providing viewers with footage of “Every Shot, Every Hall” on its app and website.

Language models like ChatGPT are trained on the languages ​​of Golf and The Masters, said Noah Syken, vice president of sports and entertainment partnerships at IBM, in a blog post.

“The model then selects the best sentence, passes it to the Watson Text-to-Speech service, matches the audio to the actions in the clip, and changes the language and sentence structure for each clip,” says Syken. said Mr.

Below is a transcript of the AI ​​commentary for the first hole of the Tiger Woods tournament.

“Woods is teeing off at hole 1 and has 445 yards to the hole. He takes his first stroke off the tee and the ball is 153 yards to the pin,” the commentary said. “Tiger is playing his first hole, hitting from the fairway. The ball traveled 143 yards to the green.

“Tiger will hit his first shot on the green after his previous shot from the fairway. He missed the putt on hole 1. Woods is hitting par. He hits par. .”

Woods tees off in the first round.

“We see the AI ​​Commentary in the Masters app as an example of a promising use case. A purpose-built AI model built from trusted data designed to provide useful and accurate information on a specific subject. ,” said Syken.

“Enjoy the AI ​​commentary feature of the Masters app this week and ponder the potential of this technology to not only change the game, but the world.”

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