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It contains more than 15 real projects in various fields. Master of AI Jointly developed with IBM.These projects are intended to help you understand the essentials AI Topics include supervised and unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, support vector machines, deep learning, TensorFlow, neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and recurrent neural networks.

This training includes capstone assignments that allow you to review the principles you have learned. Take expert, guided classes to develop high-quality industrial projects that address real-world problems.this AI Master Program The capstone project covers everything from exploratory data analysis to model building and fitting. Complete this vertex project using state-of-the-art AI-based supervised and unsupervised algorithms such as regression, multinomial naive Bayes, SVM, tree-based algorithms, and NLP on a topic of your choice. After completing the project, you will be given a Capstone Credential. Still, I have some projects to present to future employers as proof of what I’ve learned from this course.

project 1


To reduce social hatred and negative sentiment, we use natural language processing and machine learning to create models that recognize inappropriate tweets that should be removed from the Twitter site.

project 2


Data collection includes Amazon Prime Video movie reviews. Create a machine learning recommendation system that analyzes an Amazon customer movie review data set and assigns a score to each user.

Project 3


Mercedes wants to spend less time on the test bench in order to bring products (cars) to market faster. To solve this challenge, we create and optimize machine learning algorithms.

Project 4


Create a predictive model that predicts Walmart store sales while considering special discount events. Characterize the impact of macroeconomic variables such as the consumer price index and the unemployment rate on sales.

project 5


Comcast intends to improve customer satisfaction by identifying and addressing problem areas, and is looking for solutions that can be implemented.

project 6


ML engineers need to analyze Amazon user ratings for various items based on the provided dataset and predict sentiment and satisfaction based on features and review content.

Project 7


The banking industry is the most common employer for data scientists. Scammers who want to trick the system are constantly targeting it. Accurately identifying fraudulent or illegal activity is difficult, but credit card businesses must be able to detect fraudulent credit card fraud. To maximize fraud detection accuracy, several methodologies should be used, such as overfitting classification, unsupervised detection approaches, and heuristics.

Project 8


The most important aspect of managing a retail supply chain is demand forecasting. Professionals need a grasp of data science and ensemble methodologies to do this efficiently. For the next month, I need to forecast daily sales for each store.

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