Marketing expert Nicholas Bereznay on the growing role of artificial intelligence

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As a marketing expert, Nicholas Bereznai is constantly reviewing the latest trends to ensure he offers the best marketing solutions for his clients. One of the things Nicholas Bereznai has always been intrigued about is seeing trends that catch his client’s attention. As new trends grow, you’ll know when the real buzz arises. Artificial intelligence is the most talked about marketing strategy this year. However, Nicholas Bereznai says AI is not a new phenomenon in digital marketing. Consider his website, which displays a popup on the site that welcomes users. This AI has been a mainstay of auto dealerships and other popular online his vendors for years. The difference with the current artificial intelligence is that the technology is advancing.

Today Nicholas Bereznai shares his thoughts on the role of AI in marketing and the concerns people have about its use.

Nicholas Bereznai says that the reason artificial intelligence is so widely talked about is that it can contribute significantly to ChatGPT. The idea of ​​a tool that can instantly complete a writing task is very appealing to marketers on a tight budget. It’s also incredibly scary for many different professional marketers. Marketers who have made a career of producing compelling content for their clients are wondering:

  • How can humans compete with this technology?
  • Is human content a thing of the past?
  • Will Artificial Intelligence Make Classic Google Search Obsolete?

Nicholas Bereznai says he doesn’t believe AI will completely take over the role of human content jobs, but that there are many ways to leverage AI. Google consistently ranks content that is most valuable to searchers. If AI can help you churn out useful content, it could earn you a spot in the Google rankings. However, certain types of content must always be created by humans.

Only humans can create content that incorporates personal opinions and draws on the human experience. Every professional also has a unique journey that cannot be captured by artificial intelligence. Most clients will always feel more comfortable with content direction when a human is in charge.

Content marketers should consider leveraging AI for their specific digital marketing content. Content such as:

  • meta title
  • meta description
  • header tag
  • Alt tag
  • Product descriptions that don’t require marketing talent
  • video transcription
  • SEO optimized referrals
  • SEO optimization conclusion

When using artificial intelligence, Nicholas Bereznai recommends always using a human editor to review your work. Editing can be restricted by entering the appropriate information in advance. You can also encourage artificial intelligence in your target audience. A system like ChatGPT can make certain assumptions that fit the explanations initially provided, based on common demographic interests.

Nicholas Bereznai believes that the most important opportunity to take advantage of tools like ChatGPT comes in the form of social media posts. Many businesses want to maintain a presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but struggle to find the time to write posts. Having the AI ​​create hundreds of posts for you to review and schedule ahead of time is a real treat.

I often use social media as a way to check the effectiveness of my business. A presence on these platforms shows the prospects that the business is alive and well. Nicholas Bereznai recommends starting with the basics. Posts recognizing national holidays, posts recognizing specific company milestones, and posts introducing members of the social community to his new blog content. A human must always rest assured that marketing is the driving force behind her initiatives. As long as people continue to work hard on their technology, AI cannot fully replace their contributions.

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