Lumeo Announces Universal AI Bridge to Power Video Analytics

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OAKLAND, Calif.—Lumeo announces the launch of the Universal AI Bridge. It is a cloud service that allows integrators, solution providers and enterprises to add a wide range of cloud-based AI-powered analytics to their existing IP cameras and his NVR without adding them. Onsite hardware.

Universal AI Bridge enables any IP camera or NVR to perform video analytics in the cloud, providing advanced analytics capabilities without the need for onsite hardware.

RumeoIt works via the SMTP (email) functionality found in nearly all existing IP cameras and NVRs, allowing video clips to be sent to the Lumeo Universal Bridge periodically or with other rules such as motion triggers. can be configured to When the Universal AI Bridge receives video clips, it stores them in the Lumeo cloud and runs the configured Lumeo analytics in the cloud.

Lumeo’s flexible video analytics platform allows users to use drag-and-drop tools, pre-built analytics building blocks, ready-to-use AI models, and integration with third-party VMS, business intelligence/reports, and alerts to create the analysis you want. and surveillance systems. This means the user has full control over the analysis performed on the video footage, allowing the system to be easily tailored to specific needs and requirements.

Combine the Universal AI Bridge with Lumeo’s video analytics platform to run any AI model and basic to advanced analytics on any camera. The possibilities are endless and use cases like video verification for alarm mitigation, license plate recognition, face recognition, fall detection are now possible with any IP camera or his NVR.

This technology has numerous applications, including enhanced security and surveillance, and increased efficiency in retail and hospitality settings.

Lumeo CEO Devarshi Shah said:

The Universal AI Bridge is included in Lumeo’s consumption-based pricing, and for video clips starts at $100 for 10,000 minutes of video per month, regardless of the type of analysis or number of cameras processed.

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