Levi’s to ‘complement’ human body model with artificial intelligence model

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In fact, criticism of Levi’s decision was almost unanimous even on Twitter, where people routinely disagree.

HFS Research CEO and founder Phil Fersht called Levi’s move “artificial diversity.”

Filmmaker Peter Ramsey, the first African-American to direct a major animated film in the United States, commented: Laziness, cheapness, and cynicism all at once. ”

Levi’s representatives can only say that the company has already adopted a diverse range of models, and that this won’t stop because of their collaboration with La La Land. , which claimed to help only by “coordinating photo shoots with actual models and finalizing website assets, while complementing models and publishing images of products with different body types more quickly.” .

Impact created by AI

The use of AI-generated models in the fashion industry is actually not a new discussion.

Virtual influencers, for example, have been around since at least 2016, when a startup called Brud created the AI-generated character Lil Miquela. Lil Miquela Forever She’s a 19-year-old AI model who works for clothing companies such as Calvin Klein and Prada.

In fact, there are many virtual influencers now. A survey conducted in March 2022 reports that 58% of his more than 1,044 American users surveyed follow virtual influencers on Instagram.

Human influencers may also feel threatened by their virtual counterparts. After all, virtual girlfriend influencers are always young and beautiful. Of course, some feel that it is due to the beauty standards of the creators and designed in an artificial way that humans cannot imitate.

In that sense, Levi’s use of AI generative models probably sounds less harmful.

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