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Toronto, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SmartSimple Software is proud to announce its breakthrough Supported Application Process, an innovative AI-powered solution designed to revolutionize the grant application experience for both applicants and grant makers. will be announced on Powered by SmartSimple Cloud + AI, this cutting-edge approach provides grant applicants with her AI-powered guidance, streamlining the application review process for grant makers to make it more efficient and fair. to

Grant makers often face the challenge of ensuring equitable access to grant programs, as disparities can arise among potential grant applicants. Applicants who do not have dedicated grant writers or limited resources can struggle to craft strong proposals, otherwise suitable candidates may be overlooked.

The Supported Application Process addresses these challenges by providing AI-powered assistance to grant applicants at key stages of the application process. This includes guidance on structuring compelling proposals, crafting better narratives, and creating clear plans for project implementation and evaluation. This support is tailored to the specific program you are applying for, allowing more applicants to submit high-quality proposals, increasing the likelihood of positive funding decisions.

“Our supported application process provides a fairer and more accessible path to grant funding, enables more applicants to compete fairly and effectively, and ultimately contributes to greater profits.” I will make it possible,” he said. Eric LauerCo-founder and CEO of SmartSimple Software.

For grant applicants, the Supported Application Process promotes fairness and inclusiveness among applicants, creating a more diverse pool of applicants. It also streamlines the application review process to help funders strengthen partnerships with grantees and better measure the impact of their funded projects. SmartSimple Cloud +AI harnesses the power of AI to provide an innovative solution to transform the grant application and review process, making it more efficient, fair and impactful for all stakeholders to

The application process supported is a shining example of how SmartSimple Cloud + AI is revolutionizing the grants management lifecycle for both applicants and funders. Contact us for more information on SmartSimple Cloud +AI and supported application processes.

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SmartSimple software provides a comprehensive platform for managing critical operational processes, including grants management software, research grants management, scholarships management, and corporate endowments. Our innovative solutions leverage the latest technology to help organizations around the world achieve their mission. With over 20 years of experience, SmartSimple is a trusted partner to the world’s largest foundations, Fortune 500 companies, and governments. For more information on SmartSimple, please visit: www.smartsimple.com Follow us on LinkedIn.

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