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KPMG LLP today announced the spinout of Cranium, a leading software company that enables organizations to secure artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Based in Short Hills and employing 30 people, Cranium was developed within KPMG’s startup his incubator, KPMG Studio, in collaboration with his AI security experts from the company’s advisory practice. I was.

“Generative AI has taken the world by storm in recent months, but KPMG has a long-standing focus on AI and AI security. We identified a market need,” says Cliff. Justice, KPMG US National Leader, Enterprise Innovation. “Kranium is the first spinout of KPMG Studios and demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering innovative solutions that solve complex client challenges.”

“Awareness and adoption of AI solutions across the enterprise is gaining momentum with generative AI models introducing the ‘magic’ of AI to the general public. In parallel with this acceleration, major regulators are moving quickly to set guidelines for organizations deploying AI systems,” said Jonathan, founder and CEO of Cranium and former KPMG partner. • Jonathan Dambrot said: “The unique nature of AI models learning from new inputs creates a unique set of attack methods that require new security techniques to account for these threats. , bringing visibility, trust and new levels of security to cybersecurity and data science teams.”

To keep data and systems safe, Cranium provides an end-to-end AI security and trust platform that works by mapping AI pipelines, validating their security, and monitoring adversarial threats. This technology integrates with existing environments without disrupting how organizations test, train, and deploy AI models. In addition, experts have created playbooks that security teams can use with the software to protect AI systems and comply with existing US and EU regulatory standards.

Kyle Kappel, Principal, Cyber ​​Security Services, KPMG US, said: “KPMG’s AI security framework, combined with the Cranium platform, can be tailored to the requirements and capabilities of different organizations to deliver an effective AI security strategy.”

Cranium was developed within KPMG Studio. KPMG Studio is the company’s incubator and accelerator program that grows early-stage internal and external ventures into high-growth businesses. Led by Anu Puvvada, the portfolio consists of his ventures in Generative AI, Cybersecurity, New Business Models, Human Resources, People Technology, Web3, Metaverse and other innovations.

Both KPMG and leading cybersecurity investor SYN Ventures will provide seed funding to acquire a minority stake in Cranium, allowing the team to develop a future roadmap to support customers and drive value I made it

Jay Leek, Managing Partner at SYN Ventures, said: “As companies adopt and deploy AI models, the use of sensitive data and the strategic value of these models to the business must be accompanied by enterprise-grade security tools. is positioned to instill confidence in AI and ensure its safe use in all industries.”

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