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Joanna Stern’s Tech Thing

season 2 episode 27

Bend reality with Joanna’s AI Portrait Booth

Joanna Stern

AI image tools such as Adobe Firefly, FaceApp, Midjourney, and Try It On can give people unrealistic looks, features, and characteristics. The WSJ’s Joanna Stern set up an AI photobooth in New York City to test the tool against random strangers.Photo Illustration: Jacob Alexander Nelson, The Wall Street Journal

Joanna Stern’s Tech Thing

It’s all about technology now. WSJ Senior Personal Technology Columnist Joanna Stern explains and reviews the products, services, and trends that are changing the world in creative, humorous videos.

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  • season 2 episode 26

    Will Apple Headsets Explode? Your iPhone, iPod, and Apple Watch Give You Hints

    Apple is expected to announce a mixed reality headset in 2023. These markets expanded when the company launched the iPod and Apple Watch. Will the AR/VR headset market do the same?Photo Illustration: Annie Chao for The Wall Street Journal

  • season 2 episode 25

    24 Hour Challenge: Can My AI Voice and Video Clone Replace Me?

    New AI voice and video tools look and sound like you. But can they fool their families and banks? WSJ’s Joanna Stern replaced herself with an AI twin to find out the day.Photo illustration: Elena Scotti

  • season 2 episode 24

    iPhone hidden settings used by thieves to lock you out of your Apple account

    iPhone thieves across the country activate recovery keys to prevent owners from returning to their Apple accounts. WSJ’s Joanna Stern explains a security loophole that permanently locks out victims’ photos, videos, and more.Photo illustration: Rachel Mendelsohn

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