Is Balenciaga’s Harry Potter Real? AI deepfake videos exposed

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If you’re an active internet user, you may have come across Balenciaga’s Harry Potter videos tricking the world. In the video, a leather-clad Hagrid tells Harry, “You’re Balenciaga,” followed by Ron, Hermione, Dobby, Dumbledore, Malfoy, and more, all sporting similar cheekbones and facial expressions. asks Harry about the difference between H&M and Balenciaga, and declares that characters like Voldemort “are neither good nor evil. There is only Balenciaga and those too weak to look for it.”

The video seems to have caused a furor among Harry Potter fans and all fashion lovers. Declared that the video was created using an AI voice generator and deepfake technology. Create a photo of a fictitious event.

Basically, YouTuber demonflyingfox created this viral video using tools like Midjunrey to create an ad for luxury fashion brand Balenciaga from scratch. This video, which was made two weeks ago, has nearly 4 million views. The video caught the eye of his Twitter CEO Elon in his mask, who responded to Balenciaga’s viral video with his two fire emojis.

So no, Balenciaga’s Harry Potter is not real. Instead, it’s a fake ad created by a YouTuber using an AI voice generator and deepfake technology.

‘My guilty secret is that I enjoy this mid-journey experiment’: Social media users reacted to Balenciaga’s AI version of Harry Potter

From quirky dialogue to a variety of looks, social media users are now reacting to Balenciaga’s Harry Potter videos. At the same time, many people call this video “grotesque”.

My guilty secret is that I enjoy this mid-journey experiment more than I should. Balenciaga X Harry Potter Catwalk

You need to see Balenciaga’s Harry Potter.

This Balenciaga Harry Potter Campaign Is Too Grotesque To Take Your Eyes Off

Balenciaga x Harry Potter is my favorite application for AI.

Balenciaga’s AI Harry Potter? I’m not very interested in fashion, but I feel like the bottomless abyss is calling me.
Captivating in the wildest and most absurd ways.

@0x cute socks It’s the 10th time I’ve seen this. It’s amazing.

Balenciaga’s Harry Potter video is effectively promoting hyperstimulation and was made by a random guy experimenting. It won’t be long before we evolve literal brain hijacking using law.

People also shared their reactions by commenting on YouTube videos and were blown away by the AI’s work looking as natural as possible.

Social media users reacted to an AI video of Harry Potter in a Balenciaga costume. (Image via YouTube)

YouTube content creator Demonflyingfox uses artificial intelligence to create a variety of visual fusions. Among the examples are breaking bad and yakuza movies, a fusion of Kenny south park 1980s sitcom theme, unconventional scenarios like meeting Ned Flanders simpsons with Walter White.

These AI-generated images share similarities with videos recently released by YouTubers, demonstrating artistic diversity and creativity.

How to spot a deepfake?

Much like Balenciaga’s Harry Potter, the world went wild last month with Pope Francis wearing a Balenciaga jacket. The similarity between the photos in and the Harry Potter videos is that they were both made with the same AI called Midjourney.

Brooklyn boys could only expect this level of drip

Finding these AI images is not that hard. Real photos can be distinguished from AI-generated images by looking at hands, clothing, and eyes. There may be something different about these features, such as eyes looking in different directions, skin color blending, etc.

The surrounding accessories should also be checked, as the creator may not have paid as much attention to detail on the accessory, resulting in the accessory looking crooked. In addition, it is also useful for you to search about the photo on the Internet and see what people say about it. This is because you fall prey to the photo and do not believe it to be true.

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