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Vianai demonstrates the first concrete enterprise application of generative AI-powered document research using a zero-tolerance approach to hallucinations.

Palo Alto, California, April 5, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — Vinay SystemsProvider of Human-Centric AI Platforms and Products Announced Today Gilais the first AI-powered chat assistant for institutional and retail investors, investment bank analysts and other investment professionals.

hila was built from the ground up with a zero tolerance approach to hallucinations common in many generative AI chat tools today. Unlike the recently announced financial GPT chat tool, hila will be free to users as part of its research phase. Today, thousands of users from many of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions already use this system extensively.Interested users can register for free access by visiting

Most of the mass-market AI tools available today are limited curiosities that offer limited utility, at best enough for generating first drafts of content, creating images, or scouring the internet. Many of them have also proven to be very unreliable and confidently, sometimes recklessly, providing hoaxed answers to user questions.

With hila, Vianai sets a new standard for enterprise applications of conversational AI, addressing specific, real-world business needs while ensuring that the resulting AI-generated insights are grounded in trustworthy data and information you can trust. I assure you there is. The results are governed by powerful, patent-pending technology based on Vinai’s zero-tolerance approach to hallucinations, enhanced by confidence scores and transparency to explain the answers.

Large Language Models (LLMs) dominate the technology conversation thanks to the ease of access they provide for analyzing vast amounts of data. They have been deployed in a wide range of areas, from basic search engines to training on more specialized data sets such as medical records and legal content. Using validated datasets of S&P 500 companies and NIFTY 50, hila reads long documents such as financial statements, financials, income statements, and balance sheets to help investors conduct due diligence, prepare for earnings calls, invest Uncover actionable insights that you can use to make decisions and more. New financial information and public companies are added weekly. Hila now also offers the ability for users to upload their own documents and keep them private from other users.

“hila greatly improves my research process. It allows me to quickly search 10ks and earnings reports to see if there is anything hidden inside that is related to my paper.” Mike Ostroffinvestment analyst maverick capital, hila user. “More importantly, you can do it quickly without wasting time skimming irrelevant topics or identifying keywords.”

“Conversation means familiarity. It’s the trust inherent in the conversation itself. Creating familiarity and trust is key when developing conversational AI for enterprise applications, and safety and trust are important. Guardrails for sex are essential.Our product hila enables investors to ask great questions.Accelerate questions, insights and informed The future of research is interactive, curious, and trustworthy, centered around conversational AI,” said Dr. Vishal SikkaFounder and CEO of Vinai Systems.

Already used by thousands of investment community members, hila can assess management sentiment and priorities, identify analyst concerns, and inquire about quarterly earnings 2020-to-date . Protections built into hila include source citations and texts whose insights are derived using trust scores. This saves you the trouble of manually digging through financial documents or using AI tools that can pull information from anywhere on the internet, and gives unreliable query responses.

Hira is latest products Vianai Systems delivers advanced AI and ML designed to combine human and technological capabilities for the world’s largest and most respected companies to realize the untapped potential of today’s enterprise AI. We build and deliver products.

Hila currently has tens of thousands of financial documents available for the S&P500 and Nifty50. Additionally, users can upload any PDF and run queries on it. Vianai hopes to roll out advanced and premium features, such as the ability to extend hila’s datasets, to further broaden the practical use of hila.

Interested users can learn more and apply for free access by visiting

About Hira
hila, an AI-powered chat assistant, brings the power of conversational AI and large language models to the investor community. Using a validated and authoritative dataset of S&P 500 companies and his NIFTY 50, hila reads long documents such as earnings reports, which investors can use for due diligence, earnings call preparation, and more. Reveal actionable insights. hila, a product of Vianai Systems, a human-centric AI platform and products company, addresses the unrealized potential of enterprise AI. For more information, please visit the following URL:

About Vinay Systems
Vianai Systems, Inc. Human-centric AI platform and products company launched in 2019 to address the unfulfilled promise of enterprise AI. Vian’s customers include many of the world’s largest and most respected companies providing AI, ML and data science platforms and products. With its H+AI platform and products, including the VIANOPS ML model monitoring solution, Dealtale Revenue Science, hila, and more, Vian helps customers expand transformational potential within their organizations, taking people and technology into consideration. We take a unique approach to connecting deeply. This human-centric approach differentiates Vianai from other platform and product companies and enables its customers to deliver on the true promise of AI for the good of mankind.

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