Insights for parents, age-related filters among Snapchat’s new safety tools for AI chatbots

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SNAPCHAT, a popular instant messaging and real-time photo-sharing application known for its wide range of features, recently decided to make its My AI chatbot even more secure by adding new tools like age-appropriate filters and insights. Announced. parents.

The company has been working on AI chatbots and has discovered several potential threats that could be exploited. With this in mind, the company said it has found people “trying to trick the chatbot into providing responses that don’t comply with our guidelines.”

The company says it will share updates on several safety enhancements as a result of its learning and introduce several tools for controlling AI responses. After launching My AI, the company claimed it worked hard to better respond to inappropriate Snapchat requests, regardless of age.

Use proactive detection tools to search My AI conversations for potentially nonconforming text and take appropriate action. The company said it “implemented a new age signal in My AI using the date of birth of Snapchat users. We will consistently consider age when participating in ,” the company said. company.

In the coming weeks, Snapchat will provide parents with more information about their teens’ interactions with My AI, according to the in-app Family Center. As a result, parents can check Family Center to see if and how often their teen is communicating with her My AI.

Additionally, the company introduced an AI-powered background generator. This allows users to use generative AI to create fun backgrounds for their profiles based on your prompts. However, this feature is only available to premium Snapchat Plus subscribers.

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