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Jio Haptik Accelerates Business Transformation in the Middle East with Cutting-Edge Gen AI

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Aakrit Vaish, CEO and co-founder, Jio Haptik

Jio Haptik, a leading generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) solutions company, is expanding into the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Enterprises across industries in these markets are leveraging Jio Haptik's cutting-edge technology to drive business transformation and innovation. Jio Haptik's expansion into the UAE and Saudi Arabia marks a pivotal shift towards a more intelligent, automated and future-proof business environment.

Jio Haptik's entry into the Middle East market is timely and strategic as demand for AI-driven solutions is growing due to diversifying economies, government initiatives, a tech-savvy population and business efforts towards efficiency and innovation. Headquartered in Mumbai, the AI-first company has begun implementing advanced generative AI products and services for businesses across retail, e-commerce, automotive, healthcare, financial services and more.

The company is a strategic partner to Al Futtaim Group, Lals Group, Careem, al Mandoos and Prime Healthcare. Its cutting-edge services help businesses deliver a streamlined shopping experience, enhance customer support and exponentially improve efficiency and productivity.

“Jio Haptik's vision goes beyond simply deploying advanced AI solutions,” said Aakrit Vaish, CEO and co-founder, Jio Haptik. “We see a unique opportunity to help government entities in the Middle East accelerate the adoption of Gen AI across sectors, in line with the goals of forward-thinking initiatives such as Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 and the UAE AI National Strategy 2031. This will create fertile ground for innovation and the development of highly impactful solutions that will help reshape industries.”

Jio Haptik's primary focus is to help organizations deliver highly personalized and intelligent customer experiences by integrating Gen AI on WhatsApp. As part of its mission to enable organizations to succeed in today's rapidly evolving technology environment, Jio Haptik offers specialized Gen AI consulting services to help enterprises identify ideal AI solutions to improve business outcomes and achieve seamless integration with existing systems.

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