India sees strong AI adoption, but privacy concerns are also high: Survey

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CHENNAI: Indian employees have one of the highest rates of adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, according to a new report by SaaS company Freshworks. The study found that 88% of workers surveyed use AI-based software with ease and estimate that it saves them around four hours of time per week, nearly double the rate compared to other regions.

Freshwork's Global AI Workplace Report surveyed 7,000 professionals across the globe in a variety of fields, including IT, finance, sales, marketing, and legal.


The report revealed that 86% of Indian employees said they trust AI tools to improve their workflow.

Adoption rates are in line with this trend. India outperforms global standards with a 75% adoption rate among leaders. The report notes that privacy and the need for training remain major concerns for organizations.

“While 54% of Indians admit to using free versions of online AI tools like ChatGPT, employees globally are concerned about where AI gets its information from, which could mean a large amount of sensitive company information being leaked and used to train future versions of other companies' AI models,” the company's statement said.

Employees around the world are more likely to want stronger company policies regarding AI, with 68% saying they would trust AI more if human review of its outputs was required.

“Privacy issues are a concern for many,” said Sandy Obertfeld, senior vice president at Salesforce. “To foster trust and fully realize the benefits of this technology, companies must make data protection and ethical AI practices a top priority.”

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