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India Launches First AI News Anchor to Showcase AI Possibilities


India Launches First AI News Anchor to Showcase AI Possibilities

(Web Desk) – Indian media group India Today has launched its first AI-powered female anchor named ‘Sana’. The announcement was made at India Today Conclave 2023 by Kalli Purie, Vice Chairman of India Today Group.

Sana is a multilingual AI bot that provides daily news updates in different languages ​​multiple times a day.

In addition, Sana will host a new show, discussing and clarifying specific topics each day, allowing viewers to interact and ask questions.

The use of AI-powered bots in news anchors is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits. AI bots can work around the clock, never need a break, and provide fast and efficient breaking news to their audience.

You can also offer multiple language options, especially for a diverse audience.

The move in mainstream media aims to increase efficiency and reduce manpower while providing high-quality news updates.

The introduction of the first female AI anchor is a significant step in the world of media and demonstrates the potential of AI in news anchors.

While some might see this as a setback for the human anchor, Kalli Purie emphasized that Sana works alongside the human anchor rather than replacing it.

The company plans to provide human deputy editors for Sana, and plans to hire more human editors in the near future. He admits that the future is “fascinating and terrifying.”

The announcement by India Today comes after China launched its first AI news anchor in 2018, which was well received by the audience. It remains to be seen how Indian audiences will react to Sana, and whether the move will encourage other media groups to follow suit.

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