India has 45,000 vacancies in the AI ​​sector with a starting salary of Rs 100,000 for new hires, report suggests

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Updated: Mar 21, 2023 18:31 IST

Ankita Garg: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the future in many ways. This is something we’ve started to see as tools like ChatGPT and Bing AI have proven to be very helpful in completing tasks quickly. People are afraid that AI will take their jobs because it will end up in the middle of nowhere. But in reality, it serves as a useful tool for freeing up time to focus on other productive things. With AI taking center stage, so is the demand for AI professionals.

report from team lease digital Revealed that there are currently at least 45,000 jobs available for AI. Roles are available in various sectors such as healthcare, education, banking, manufacturing, and retail. Cited sources claim that jobs in AI are in demand, so fresh graduates keen on the field can reap significant rewards.

The report suggests that data scientists and machine learning (ML) should be your career choices. Because these will help you thrive and earn more without worrying about future unemployment. The study also talks about the skills needed to establish a career in artificial intelligence. AI experts are needed more than ever in scripting languages, highlighting the growing interest in scalable ML applications. For a user to make a career in her AI, she needs the skills to build traditional ML models.

According to the study, a freshman in the role of Data Engineer can earn up to INR 140,000 per year, while a ML Engineer can earn up to INR 100,000. DevOps engineers, data architects and database administrators are reported to be up to Rs 1.2 lakh. You can earn up to INR 140,000 if you take on the role of BI Analyst or Data Scientist. Candidates with around 8 years or more of experience in a similar field will receive a salary ranging from INR 25 to INR 45 per year. They are said to be qualified.

The study suggests that freshmen should have at least a basic knowledge or understanding of AI and its applications in order to compete healthy with others in the market. Additionally, those who can develop their AI skills can enjoy very high salaries and employment opportunities.

The study revealed that competition in India is already quite high, with around 400,000 Indians already in AI roles. His 16% of the country’s people are said to contribute to the global AI talent pool, and Bengaluru has been called her second largest place in the world to find AI talent.

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