How Workday optimizes AI and ML to identify qualified candidates

Machine Learning

In this Digital CIO Summit moment, culled from the April 4-6 digital event, Aaron Back hosts Shane Luke, VP of Machine Learning and AI at Workday, and Workday is Discuss how it can help your hiring process. , as rapidly changing skills make it more difficult to find qualified candidates.


00:05 — In the workforce 10-15 years ago, “it was a very simple line between a candidate who had a resume and perhaps some references and a job profile indicating whether they were qualified or not. It was based on a good deal,” says Luke. It’s the “one-to-one relationship” between your abilities and the jobs you’re good at, and it changes over the course of your career.

00:28 — The skills emerging in the market today change so quickly that it makes a big difference.

00:34 — Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM), for example, are recent emerging skills within artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These skills are now being added to people’s profiles as they have become part of what employers are looking for in him for AI and ML related roles.

00:55 ――Five years ago, a skill called “machine learning” might have been enough. But there are now hundreds of sub-skills in machine learning.

01:15 — Workday helps employers looking for qualified candidates in these areas. “There’s ML that really helps clarify what all those skills are,” explains Luke.

01:34 — Also useful if it’s internal to your own organization. “It helps people understand how they can track their career trajectory.

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