How the P2P team at Equans embraced AI to achieve their company’s strategic goals

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The Equans P2P team recognized long-standing governance and compliance issues and knew that with the right technology in place, they could be solved. The AI ​​technology they implemented was able to quickly resolve compliance issues, but also went further, significantly reducing costs, increasing employee engagement and ultimately meeting the Group’s strategic objectives. helped to contribute to

In this webinar, hear from Lesley Bird, Head of P2P at Equans, how they implemented Xelix’s AI-powered platform and how it worked.

  • Integrates seamlessly with SAP and Coupa to significantly improve the efficiency of AP audit, statement reconciliation, and reporting processes
  • Boost team morale by improving performance and alleviating horribly time-consuming spreadsheet tasks.
  • Saved Equans seven figures (£££££££) by preventing fraudulent payments and eliminating the need for costly recovery audits.
  • Reduce rehiring needs by supporting effective management of resources
  • Equans’ internal P2P audit risk rating drops to 0 as confidence in governance and compliance increases
  • Impressed executive teams with real-time, user-friendly reports on productivity, performance, and cash flow

Lesley explains that Xelix will bring “new energy” to P2P teams, and is a great way to share with P2P stakeholders looking at AI and how AI can support them in their daily lives. have an insight.

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Leslie Bird

Responsible for procure-to-pay
Equans Great Britain and Ireland

Equans mobilizes its expertise to deliver low carbon energy solutions, deliver cutting-edge technology and FM services, and innovative regeneration across the UK and Ireland to support businesses, communities and the public sector. is supported. We currently have a finance team of 20 people, over XXX suppliers, about XXX annual invoices, and use SAP and Coupa as our core financial system along with Xelix.



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