How small businesses can develop an AI-driven technology strategy

AI For Business

Many small business leaders are still working on building artificial intelligence (AI) strategies to increase efficiency, enhance automation, and inspire the creative productivity of their employees.

But what is clear is that if these organisations do not harness the full potential of AI, they risk being left behind.

Analysts expect SMBs to address the issue soon: IDC, for example, predicts that by 2028, 60% of SMBs will use the services of vendors leveraging GenAI.1

Meanwhile, Tom Mainelli, group vice president of devices and consumer research at IDC, said, “NPU-powered AI PCs shipping today are the beginning of a technology revolution that could bring about a major shift in how we interact with PCs.”2

Amazing AI Assistants Are Already Here

By enabling a limited workforce to tackle complex problems more efficiently than human know-how alone, AI has the potential to drive growth.

Think of AI as your intelligent assistant: it works 24 hours a day, processing information at incredible speed, answering questions and following your directions.

Today, small and medium-sized businesses are already deriving value from AI. Just as with the advent of the web, businesses will need to move fast if they want to use AI to close the gap on better-funded and better-resourced competitors.

In May 2024, Microsoft dubbed it “the year AI in the workplace becomes a reality,” suggesting in its Work Index report that 75% of knowledge workers worldwide will already be using AI.3

The outcomes range from time savings, the ability to focus on more important tasks, and increased creativity and job satisfaction. Additionally, the report suggests that many workers will bring AI if their employer doesn't provide it, with this being even more common in smaller businesses (80% vs. 78%).

AI PC: An opportunity to accelerate

The big question is how to use AI to get off to a fast start or to take the next step full steam ahead.

The new generation of AI-enabled PCs delivers hardware specs and design features to accelerate AI adoption and optimize workforce performance.

Dell Copilot+ PCs have a dedicated keyboard button (look for the ribbon logo) that lets you jump to Microsoft's Copilot AI assistant.Four

These PCs are powered by the Snapdragon® X-series processing architecture, which includes an NPU (Neural Processing Unit) that acts as an on-board accelerator for AI tasks, such as using Microsoft Recall to find a lost document.FiveAutomatically enhance your AV environment for live presentations and webinars with Windows Studio Effects, or create images with Paint Cocreator.6

These are devices for the new AI business world, empowering staff to meet urgent deadlines, create amazing content from idea to final product in a fraction of the time it would normally take, retracing steps and keeping everything safe.

And all of this is possible in a sleek device with ample battery life so you can get work done quickly and move around, even when you're not near a power outlet.

Whether your business is an early entrant or has waited, investing in PCs optimized for the new world of AI is a smart investment.

Explore Dell Copilot+ PCs here.

1 IDC, IDC Futurescape: Global SMB Predictions for 2024, October 2023

2 Computerworld, Dell Ramps Up “AI PC” Plans with Latitude and Precision Refresh, February 2024

3 Microsoft, 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report

Four Copilot on Windows – Feature availability and launch timing vary by market and device. Use Copilot with your Microsoft account or sign in with your work or school account (Microsoft Entra ID) with Microsoft 365 E3, E5, F3, A3, or A5 for Faculty, Business Premium, or Business Standard to get Copilot with commercial data protection at no additional cost. Coming to more Entra ID users in the future.

Five Note: Recall will be available via Windows Update shortly after release. Find it here. Recall is optimized for select languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Spanish. Content-based and storage limits apply.

6 Cocreator is optimized for English text prompts and requires a Microsoft account.

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