How Automation Can Help Disable Cybersecurity Skills

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there is a global Lack of skills in various ICT-related fields, especially cybersecurity. Especially in South Africa, these skills are being lost for several reasons. Looking at this through two lenses, we can deduce that:

  • We can and should be proud of the technical skills our country possesses and continues to produce, and the extent to which these are in great demand internationally.
  • We need to worry about these being lost due to immigrants and South Africans working remotely for international organizations.

The Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution South Africa (C4IR South Africa) is just one initiative among multiple stakeholders to drive adoption of various enablers such as IoT, urban transformation, digital assets, AI and ML. The intention is to support sustainable development and the transition of South Africa’s databases into the digital economy.

Pressing problems cannot wait for long-term solutions

Underpinning this initiative, and several other initiatives between the private and public sectors, is its focus on skills development. Yet there is an urgency to address current and near-term skills gaps. In doing so, filling the skills gap with automation is feasible, necessary, and if done right, can facilitate job creation, as opposed to the traditional view that it will eradicate jobs. can. Cybersecurity automation eliminates traditional, manual, repetitive and “silent” tasks and frees up staff to upskill and focus on more technical tasks. This improves the company’s ability to attract skills, reduces turnover by increasing job satisfaction, and encourages individuals to perform better in new areas.

Better automation leads to better security response

Some form of automated cybersecurity improves your response to indicators of compromise (IOCs) in an automated, efficient, and rapid manner. This is very important given the speed at which vulnerabilities are exploited. If the attackers themselves are using an automated toolset, automation becomes very important. The rate at which critical skills are lost is impacting different companies in different industries and must be addressed in different ways. Automation is part of that solution. An opportunity to enhance job creation, not job destruction. When considered and implemented effectively, automation can be a control that fills a gap in cybersecurity skills.

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