Horrifying AI-generated video show of Will Smith eating spaghetti

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Or is spaghetti eating him?

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A completely chaotic new video shows the AI’s interpretation of a famous actor, and a famous slapper.

This clip, which went viral on the unofficial subreddit of AI image generator Stable Diffusion, shows a rapidly deforming Smith struggling to contain his flesh as he attempts to simulate the act of a human eating a bowl of spaghetti. is shown.

In other words, it’s a real nightmare and perfectly illustrates the current struggling reality of AI video generators.

Will Dente

The clip shared by Reddit user chaindrop utilizes a new AI model called Modelscape Text2video, which can generate an entire video clip from simple text input. The AI ​​community website Hugging Face has a quick demo of the new tool to help you try it out.

However, for better results, users can download an early version of the tool released last week and run it on their machines.

Will Smith’s surrogate body trying to swallow a forkful of spaghetti — not to mention the many watermarks coming out of stock photography websites — have already enjoyed new tools, such as the astronaut on board the There are many other examples of users who arewith a horse lifelike animationinto a terrifying cowboy zombie that eats body parts.

It’s an impressive new inflection point on the horizon for AI image generators, but the result leaves much to be desired. Getting that nightmare-inducing clip only backfired.

“Adding ‘and meatballs’ to the prompt didn’t fix the problem,” one Reddit user replied, showing off an even scarier clip of Smith’s head emerging from a wriggling pile of meatballs. Did.

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