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There are a lot of stories floating around today about big corporations, big development teams, and large, well-funded health systems innovating with artificial intelligence in healthcare. These are the players driving this explosive technological advancement.

But what about smaller hospitals and health systems that don’t have the manpower or financial resources? How can they jump into the AI ​​pool and achieve better administrative and clinical outcomes?

This week's HIMSSCast topic is how small health systems can join the healthcare AI revolution and where to start. Our guest is healthcare AI expert Brent T. Hoard. Troutman Pepper is a national law firm with over 1,100 attorneys in 23 cities across the U.S. and expertise in multiple industry sectors, including healthcare.

Hoard has a lot of advice for small and mid-sized healthcare companies about the importance of AI and where to start their journey.


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Talking points:

  • When a small health system learns about the hot healthcare AI market, hears about what its peers are doing and wants to get in, what should be the first step?

  • What is the best area for a small health system to address first? The prevailing thinking seems to be to prioritize administrative over clinical.

  • What are some of the challenges smaller health systems face with AI?

  • How will these health systems overcome these challenges?

  • Who needs to be involved in these health systems when implementing AI – for example, IT, but also C-suite executives and legal departments?

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