Harry Potter’s Balenciaga AI Deepfake Caught Elon Musk’s Eye

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Sometimes you have to believe in the power of AI.

YouTuber Demonflyingfox used this technology to create a viral video reimagining JK Rowling’s character. Harry potter She starred in the series and appeared in a Balenciaga fashion show, Fox Business reported.

Generative artificial intelligence programs are growing in popularity. For each outlet, allow the user to enter prompts and generate text or images.

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Demonflyingfox’s channel, which features a variety of realistic yet bizarre adaptations, boasts nearly 60,000 subscribers, and two videos titled “Harry Potter By Balenciaga” have garnered widespread attention. has been viewed about 6 million times.

“We’re constantly brainstorming what combinations and mashups of popular media will work,” Demonflyingfox told Dazed Digital. “I quickly realized that these had to be as unexpected as possible, but they still made sense. It worked amazingly well to put on.”

Even Elon Musk, who recently signed a letter calling for a halt to the rapid development of advanced AI, was so impressed that he replied with two fire emojis.

Speaking on the dangers of synthetic media in December 2022, internet platform and AI expert Aviv Ovadya said: Atlantic It’s “maybe less than 5 years” before you can put prompts and simple feedback into a program and create “highly compelling content.”

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