Google will 'fix the problem' if OpenAI exploits YouTube for AI

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Murati said OpenAI utilized publicly available and licensed data. Later, the New York Times reported that OpenAI had transcribed over 1 million hours of his YouTube videos.

Asked if Google would sue OpenAI if the startup violates the search company's terms of service, Pichai did not provide further details.

“Look, I think that's a question they should answer,” Pichai said. “I have nothing to add. We have clear terms and conditions. So, typically on these things, we work with businesses to make sure they understand our terms and conditions. And we'll sort it out. “

Pichai said Google has processes in place to understand if OpenAI is not complying with the rules. Newspapers such as the New York Times have already targeted OpenAI for violating copyright laws and training models based on articles.

Pichai's interview followed his keynote address for developers at Google's I/O conference. So executives announced new AI models, including one called Veo that can create composite videos. If you wish to receive early access, you must receive approval from Google.

OpenAI pre-empted Google's event on Monday. The company reveals its AI model, called GPT-4o, and how users of the ChatGPT mobile app can have realistic voice conversations by having the AI ​​assistant interrupt and analyze what it sees in front of the smartphone's camera. I showed you. On Tuesday, Google showed off a similar upcoming feature.

“I don't think they've shipped a demo to users yet,” Pichai said of OpenAI. I don't think it's in the product.

OpenAI said in a blog post on Monday that ChatGPT Plus subscription customers will be able to try out an early version of the new voice mode in the coming weeks. Pichai said Google's Project Astra multimedia chat capabilities will be included in the company's Gemini chatbot later this year.

“We have a clear sense of how to approach it and we're going to do it right,” Pichai said.

He said that by leveraging its own custom Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) and Nvidia's popular graphics processing units, Google has reduced the cost of serving AI models in web searches by 80% since previewing it last year. It is said that it has been reduced. Google said in its keynote that it will begin showing AI overview in search results for all users in the United States.

Apple will hold its Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California in June. Bloomberg reported in March that Apple was discussing the idea of ​​adding Gemini to the iPhone. Pichai told Botha that Google has enjoyed a “great partnership with Apple over the years.” Google's expert witness said in court last November that the company provides Apple with 36% of search ad revenue from its Safari browser.

“We've been focused on delivering great experiences to the Apple ecosystem,” Pichai said. “This is something we take very seriously, and I'm confident. There are many ways to ensure our products are accessible. As we tested today, we found that AI Overview has proven to be a popular feature on iOS, and we'll continue to work hard to make it a reality, including with Gemini.”

clock: Alphabet CEO on reports that OpenAI trained GPT-4 on YouTube: We have clear terms of service

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