Google plans to use generative AI like ChatGPT for its advertising business

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Google’s parent company Alphabet plans to bring generative artificial intelligence to its advertising business in the coming months, the Financial Times reports. The company aims to create “novel” ads with the help of artificial intelligence.

Generative AI, in particular, is the type of technology that learns from past data to create content, rather than identifying it.

In March of this year, Google introduced an AI chatbot called Bard for the general public to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT.

The report further suggests that advertisers provide “creative” content, including images, videos, or text for their advertising campaigns, and that AI uses this data to generate ads based on their target audience and sales targets. clarified.

In recent news, a Google employee criticized the Bard AI chatbot, calling the system a “pathological liar.” Bloomberg reported that one of his Google employees emphasized that Bard frequently gives users dangerous advice. The company reportedly “rejected the risk assessment” submitted by an internal safety investigation. This year, when Google opened early access to its AI chatbot in March, it became clear that the system wasn’t ready for general use.

While there are concerns about the widespread impact of AI on areas such as disinformation, cybercrime and phishing attempts, according to the FT’s report, Google has taken steps to address these issues as it introduces new generative AI capabilities. We plan to implement safeguards.

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