Generative AI: Rethinking how we work

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After initial curiosity and excitement about generative AI tools like ChatGPT, the focus is now on their potential impact on work. A recent report from Goldman Sachs added further impetus to this debate about whether generative AI will create new jobs or kill existing ones.

On the one hand, productivity increases as smart tools outperform humans in the areas of routine, repetitive tasks and tasks that require sifting through information to arrive at standard responses and actions. To do. So, according to the report, GDP is likely to grow by 7% over his decade due to productivity gains, and around 300 million jobs will be lost as AI tools take over, especially in developed countries. is also shown.Roles such as administrative assistants, secretaries, telecallers, consultants, filing tax returns, and assessing complex insurance claims

Experts have often spoken of monotonous roles that could be displaced by technology, but for the first time, tasks handled by highly skilled people could be handled by AI tools. I have a concern. The current wave of technology and automation entering the realm of content and articulation is alerting us to potential changes that could unfold in the coming days.

So how do we respond to the new realities of the job market? As the famous Silicon Valley adage goes, we overestimate the short-term effects of technology and underestimate the long-term effects. tend to evaluate. Regular upskilling and upskilling are now very important in order to remain relevant in their respective fields. Emerging areas of AI require vast resource pools with analytics, programming, machine language (ML), and modeling capabilities. Skills in these areas will definitely be in high demand.

Therefore, a fundamental requirement for success is to be curious and open to change, excel at adapting at lightning speed, and develop a mindset of learning new skills on the fly. is best taught and nurtured in college from school days. For example, new services offering quality counseling and mentoring can be scaled up to large segments of the population where schoolchildren are in great demand, with the help of generative AI tools with appropriate controls and checks.

These tools can also complement teachers, financial advisors, and fitness consultants most needed with personalized and imaginative content. Luckily, India is a country where many are naturally inclined towards technology. This, combined with the skills required to make the technology work in creative ways, could make new versions of generative AI tools an attractive proposition. So instead of worrying about jobs that are likely to be lost, you have the opportunity to rethink your career and create new ones.

(The author is the chairman of Global Talent Track, a corporate training solution company.)

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