Generative AI News Recap – ChatGPT Banned, Deepfakes Get Provenance, Bing Chat Gets Ads, Meta, Canva & More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 313

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Generative AI News (GAIN) overview for April 6, 2023 covers regulators and OpenAI, popularity of ChatGPT compared to iPhone, disclosure of deepfakes, authentication and ownership, monetization of these generative AI models, Meta It focuses on the activities of

Brett Kinsella (that’s me) hosts this week with guest Nina Schick, author of her 2020 book Deepfakes. Eric Schwartz, Head Writer of Here are the top stories from Generative AI Land this week:

  • Time-out chair for OpenAI and some unlucky users: Italy has taken action. Canada has launched an investigation. France received complaints. Germany and Ireland expressed their desire to participate. Regulators have their sights set on OpenAI. how do you go down
  • compared to what?: ChatGPT is a phenomenon, but how does it live up to the previous product hype? Compare ChatGPT to some notable breakout hits.
  • History of the Valley of the Unreal: It’s a deepfake, but we want to reveal its synthetic origin. We also want to show its history and ownership. What about Truepic’s cryptographic signatures that track the lifetime of digital artifacts?
  • an intolerable caricature of your existence: These amazingly realistic avatars currently don’t have a clear ownership model. Someone could create a deepfake of you. However, if you own the copyright to the digital portrait…
  • Paying for those GPT-4 inference costs: We knew they were coming. Bing Chat ads look a lot like what you see on web searches today, but with a twist. Generative AI definitely has a revenue model.
  • alignment is king: Meta has deployed another researcher-only generative AI model. However, this time it appeared in the demo app. Segment Anything is a new AI (underlying) model that can identify objects in images and save them separately from the image in two clicks.
  • lead microsoft: The Redmond giant talked about Microsoft Designer’s DALL-E and GPT-4, and the move to PowerPoint. Canva just started adding new features. The mild skepticism the company had in December (ironically, about its new generative AI capabilities) has given way to more robust tools and a bigger vision.

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