Finish Line: Become an AI Realist

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You’ve heard of binaries. A world-changing debate over generative AI: it will either destroy us or transform us into a happier, more creative and productive species.

  • Important reasons: After spending a month in secret with the ten or so experts behind the technology, I was convinced I had to choose a third method. Be a curious, sharp-eyed and critical AI realist.

Here’s the frank reality:

  1. there is a simple law business and technology can built it intention be built. The idea of ​​a country, company or individual simply suspending work seems absurd. they don’t.
  2. there is a simple rule Modern Governance: Technology always trumps regulation. The idea of ​​a divided government joining arms to intelligently regulate this AI seems ludicrous. No chance.

So be a realist: This technology is coming at a rate that no one but AI companies are fully aware of. We’re talking months, not years, until the impact is felt.

  • And it rocks your world. Gradually at first. Then suddenly.

💡The first thing that struck me was: Basically any job that involves writing or coding. creativity; information integration; or sifting through large amounts of data or information (lawyers, researchers, etc.).

  • soon, AI machines can do more than 99% of humans. Because AI machines eat all human information on the internet to predict your next thought, word, or move.

so take your time To understand technology through a realist lens:

  1. Don’t be blind. Your world will soon turn upside down. There’s been great coverage about this in Axios, podcasts, and professional newsletters like Casey Newton’s Platformer.
  2. Give it a try. A tech-savvy dope like me rarely plays with new technology before it’s fully formed. Jump in here…or here…or here…and give it a try.
  3. Think bigger. Don’t believe that today’s limitations and glitches will last forever. When Google and Microsoft put billions and eventually tens of billions of dollars each into something, it gets better fast. Focus on what it is, not what it is.
  4. Don’t buy utopian views. Read and listen to optimists like Reed Hoffman and Sam Altman. But please understand that they are very deliberately trying to counter dystopian criticism and show people a brighter potential. We want to focus on happy usage.
  5. Don’t buy the dystopian look either. These machines will undoubtedly spread more misinformation, create more ignorant distractions, and steal more jobs. But destructive thinking blinds us to a clearer understanding of how AI can be used for good.
  6. Evaluate America’s superiority over China. We have a big lead in what many consider the most important advancement since the Internet — China is two years behind us due to chip shortages. Do you want to be at the mercy of a dictator desperate to replace America as the dominant superpower?
  7. Be curious and critical. This more powerful AI will spawn thousands of new companies and products, potentially devastating.
  • ponder the discussion, Try the tools and make up your mind.

To the point: We are on the threshold of a new era — don’t be a bystander.

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