FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI Brings Machine Learning to Maintenance

Machine Learning

FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI from Rockwell Automation is a machine learning-based monitoring application for maintenance departments. The software provides maintenance engineers with insight to understand the current status of assets such as pumps, fans and blowers on the factory floor.

The application uses electrical signal data from variable frequency drives to establish a baseline for each individual asset under normal operating conditions and if there is any deviation from normal operating conditions, notifications are issued.

Once deployed, the no-code solution learns and acts at the edge. The application enables OT personnel (maintenance engineers, control engineers, machine operators, and plant managers) to use the data to plan maintenance activities and intervals based on the highest risk of failure. When an anomaly is detected, built-in expertise identifies the most likely cause of failure and the associated risks, allowing maintenance personnel to investigate and plan a corrective response.

For example, FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI provides early warning for a list of potential motor faults, including shaft misalignment, imbalance, loose structural mounting (soft foot), mechanical looseness, ball bearing failure, and inner and outer race bearing failure.

Rockwell Automation highlights that the software provides integration with PowerFlex 755, 755T and 6000T drives, making it easy to set up and gain detailed insight into key process applications.

The application works with single drive and motor applications, can learn process centric problems and can be adapted to other asset types.

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