Experts discuss AI and its application to education

Applications of AI

Doha: In collaboration with the Doha University of Science and Technology (UDST), the Police Academy of the Ministry of Home Affairs held a science seminar entitled “Artificial Intelligence and its application in education” attended by many ministries. Officials of the Ministry of Interior, leaders of security and military colleges and institutions, and representatives of the authorities related to the topic of the symposium.

Lectured by professionals and experts from the UDST, the Police Association and the Police Academy, the seminar focused on three axes.

The first axis focused on the artificial intelligence revolution. The artificial intelligence revolution is known as a scientific branch aimed at developing machines and software that can simulate human intelligence and work patterns. The second axis dealt with the application of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning.

The third axis addressed educational challenges in the age of artificial intelligence. In particular, it addressed the potential for students to over-rely on artificial intelligence, neglect critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and be exposed to biased or inaccurate information. In addition to the challenges of resource scarcity, the challenges of integrating artificial intelligence and mechanisms to develop curricula that are in line with future trends.

Capt. Mohamed Ali Al-Dosari, Head of Education and Curriculum Department, Police Research Institute, Police Academy, said the seminar was part of a series of professional seminars organized by the Academy in collaboration with various educational institutions in Qatar. The Academy and the UDST said there is.

He said the seminar was the result of collaboration between the Academy and UDST. The seminar will include representatives of bodies cooperating with the Academy in the fields of education, security and military colleges and institutions, as well as faculty members and officers.

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